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Taking Your Blog to the Next Level with Product: Just Add Stitch


Bringing Product to Your Blog

I just got back from Alt Summit a few weeks ago and all I can say is, “WOW.” For those of you in the making business, it’s time to get to know some serious bloggers. Besides picking up a ton of great blogging tips, what really blew my mind was the significance of blogging as a business. 

Brand name companies like Land of Nod, and Bing are connecting with bloggers to offer reviews and advertising for their products that old school promotion efforts just can’t compare with. Now fully recuperated, what stands out from all the connections and classes as the most surprising is that bloggers are going into the product making business.

It makes sense, right? After all, bloggers have a loyal following, a captive audience who already trust their opinion and style.What better way to add to the revenue of their business than adding product?

As a maker myself, I was asked a lot of questions at Alt Summit about what it was like to be a designer, create a product and sell it myself. All I could say is that, “Yeah, it’s a lot of work!” Adding a product to an already super small business like running a successful blog, seemed like a lot. Although, after meeting some of the movers and shakers of the blogging world not only is it possible, it’s most likely to be a huge success and the next big thing for bloggers.

All of this product based sales talk naturally brought to mind Stitch.While Stitch is an investment and seems to be a system that more seasoned sellers use to manage multiple sales channels, it got me thinking, what if we had used Stitch from the very beginning? Truth be told, Stitch is kind of perfect for the blogger wanting to branch out into a product. With an already successful business humming along, who has time to manually keep track of all the number crunching involved with sales and inventory?

I imagine one of the challenges in adding a product to an already successful venture would be weighing the costs. While no product takes off immediately, there needs to be a sure fire way to track sales and inventory. I would want to know what percentage of my readers were making purchases, what region they were buying from, and what they were buying the most of. When you already have an audience, analyzing the Stitch Reports of sales can make fine tuning designs and product a snap.

While it will seem like working backwards for makers like me, trying to gain a blog following, I think bloggers have the right idea here. There is a lot to learn from them when it comes to promotion, writing, gaining a following and having fun. In return I humbly offer Stitch 🙂

What’s your favorite Stitch feature?


Stitch Team

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