Take A Load Off With Shipwire And 3PL Integrations


Yesterday we announced we now integrate with Amazon International, enabling our customers to reach markets in Europe and Mexico. In integrating with multiple channels, we want to provide our customers with the ability to grow your business – and give you the proper tools to manage additional orders. With international growth comes international shipping, so we’re excited to announce a partnership with third party logistic (3PL) company, Shipwire. Now you can have complete control over and visibility into your business, while letting a 3PL handle the heavy lifting.

Shipwire is a distributed fulfillment partner with warehouses across the globe. Stitch automatically pushes your offline, wholesale, and online orders into Shipwire to then be distributed across the globe, ensuring you’re getting the lowest shipping costs by choosing the Shipwire warehouse closest to the customer’s delivery address. For example, if you store products in Shipwire warehouses in Los Angeles and Philadelphia and a customer order comes from New Jersey, Shipwire will lower your costs by shipping from the Philadelphia location.

Stitch still sits in the center of your operation by routing orders to Shipwire, updating inventory across channels, and providing you with robust analytics to use when making business decisions. With the Shipwire integration, we’re excited to provide our customers with a scalable solution for delivering products in a cost-effective way, as well as the ability to connect with 3PLs directly (as opposed to going through a sales channel). Now, when an order is placed from any shopping cart or marketplace integration, that information can go straight through Stitch to Shipwire for fulfillment and shipping.

Shipwire Integration Benefits:

  • Grow your business nationally and internationally without having to manage fulfillment yourself.
  • Route multichannel orders directly to Shipwire for fulfillment while maintaining your inventory, purchase orders, and reporting in Stitch.
  • Let Stitch take care of overflow routing, so orders can move from your warehouse or 3PL depending on inventory availability.
  • Take advantage of partnering with a company that implements best of breed warehouse technology. From barcoding to forklifts and conveyor belts, Shipwire picks and packs faster and better.
  • Make sure your packages stay true to your brand with personalized inserts as well as customized labels and shipping confirmation emails.
  • Give customers options with shipping rates and delivery time windows.
  • Reduce overhead by letting Shipwire manage order fulfillment.
  • Gain insight into your operations with holistic reporting in Stitch.

This integration benefits both large and small businesses; whether you’re hitting a tipping point and considering adding another person or warehouse, or you want to remain a lean, mean – and efficient – team of two. Decadent Minimalist, one of Stitch’s first customers to integrate with Shipwire, said, “The business is just me and my wife. Between the two of us, we spend 20 hours a day, 6 days a week on order fulfillment. We’re excited to streamline our fulfillment process to decrease the time we spend on operational activities.”

Learn more about Shipwire:

Wondering if a 3PL partnership is for you?

While there isn’t a perfect formula for adding a 3PL to your workflow, we recommend looking to a 3PL partner when you are fulfilling 20-30 orders a day, or when your level of scale is becoming unmanageable. 3PLs are great for any size, in that outsourcing shipping saves you time as well as cost of warehouse space and staff. Particularly, if you’re starting to expand nationally or globally, 3PL solutions like Shipwire might be a great fit for your growing business.

Feature Friday Webinars

While we host a New Feature Webinar on the first Friday of each month, we’re holding a special mid-month webinar next Friday, March 18, to discuss Amazon International publishing, barcoding, and 3PL (Shipwire) integrations. Join us at 10am PST to learn how to use these new features – we’ll also leave plenty of time for Q&A with our product team.

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