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Stitch Shopped: Liz & Bread and Badger


Get your cocktails ready for this Stitch Shopped, because it’s happy hour here at Stitch HQ. We have a myriad of amazing customers and love discovering all the unique and useful products they offer. Just one visit to the Stitchen (Stitch kitchen) and you’ll know how necessary Bread & Badger’s unique products are to a Stitcher.

Bread & Badger is a husband-wife team based out of Oregon, specializing in etched glass and pottery, pre-made and custom. They call them ‘tabletop vessels’ so you can express your personality through their products. Another reason to break out the glassware for happy hour: Bread & Badger is celebrating their third Stitch anniversary with us this week!  Let’s find out why fellow team member Liz (and the rest of Stitch) loves them.

Liz, how did you first hear about Bread & Badger and what initially caught your eye?
Bread & Badger is a customer that we’ve had for years. When I was on the support team, I was helping them with a question once. While looking through their account, I noticed that they sold glassware with pugs etched on them. It was love at first sight.
(Author’s Note: I should note that Liz LOVES pugs.)

When did you know that Bread & Badger was going to be your next purchase?
It was a combination of how cute their glassware was and how awesome they were to work with on the support side.

It’s pretty safe to assume, you own those pugs glasses you saw? Do you own anything else from them?
Yes, I own two pug rocks glasses (similar). I also bought basically all my Christmas presents from them last Christmas. My mom is an avid cyclist, so I bought her a rocks glass (similar) with a bicycle on it. My brother is a pilot so I bought him a shot glass and a beer glass etched with planes. (He had just turned 21!) My rocks glasses generally live at home, but whenever I have friends over for a drink, the pug glasses definitely come out.

Want to up your glassware game? Head over to Bread & Badger’s store and get shopping. Cheers! 

Courtney Rogin

Courtney is Stitch's social media manager and is your go-to for all things #trending. When she's not speaking fluent emoji, you can find her in the nearest thrift store, searching for the best bowl of ramen, or exploring her adopted San Francisco home.

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