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Stitch Shopped: Lara, Mina, & BAGGU


We’re back with an extra special Stitch Shopped, which celebrates various Stitch employees and their favorite Stitch customers. Working with so many amazing retailers naturally leads to a lot of shopping! (We just can’t help it.) But don’t worry, we’re not secretive with our favorite brands; we love to share!

This time, we have not one team member, but two! Lara and Mina both adore local San Francisco brand, BAGGU! From international adventures to weekly grocery runs, BAGGU has quickly become an office favorite.

Who is BAGGU and why do you love them?

Lara: They’re a local company that makes simple, high quality bags in lots of bright colors. They have durable, fun looking bags, and they’re made here in San Francisco!

Mina: They makes super versatile bags, wallets and totes. They implement good design for a curated selection of items and their website is an absolute joy to shop.

Why did you choose BAGGU for Stitch Shopped?

L: My love for BAGGU all started when my sister first gave me a standard BAGGU bag, after she’d been raving about it for a few weeks. She gave me one with little elephants on it as a gift, and I used it all the time for grocery shopping. It was so handy to just have that tucked away in my larger bag, and just grab it whenever grocery shopping or out and about. And it was just so freaking cute!

M: I really love the minimalist quality of BAGGU products. My friend has one of their leather tote bags, so I’ve been admiring its good aesthetics and impressive resilience since she got it last year.

Which BAGGU bags do you own?

L: Just before leaving the country for an extended Guatemalan adventure, I realized I did not have a backpack. How can you travel without a backpack? Since I was heading to a developing country for several months, I wanted to have something that I could easily keep track of, that held my things safely (so no one could reach in my bag while on a bus or something), and the BAGGU Backpack was just the thing!

M: I own the backpack as well and a small leather clutch I use for makeup. The backpack is perfect for commuting or picking up groceries on my bike. It’s super durable and you can fit a surprising amount of stuff in it. Same goes for the makeup bag, my cosmetics have never been happier. The leather drawstring purse is next on my must have list!

Where do you take your BAGGU bags?

L: I think I carried it every day for 8 weeks, and it was perfect as an airplane carry-on, as a backpack when going to Spanish school in Guatemala, and as a hiking backpack when traipsing up volcanoes! These days, I throw my computer in my backpack and take it to work. It’s so cross-functional, simple, and adorable; I just love it.

M: I took both items on a recent trip to Costa Rica where they have proven their worth by keeping my things dry and organized in the jungles.

Courtney Rogin

Courtney is Stitch's social media manager and is your go-to for all things #trending. When she's not speaking fluent emoji, you can find her in the nearest thrift store, searching for the best bowl of ramen, or exploring her adopted San Francisco home.

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