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Stitch Shopped: In the Stitch-en with Vintage Bee


Who doesn’t need a little bit of honey in their lives? Over here at Stitch Labs HQ, we were, in unison, celebrating the arrival of two new unique flavors of honey. Cue the heart and bee emojis. We heard about one of customers, Vintage Bee, and their line of flavored creamed honey products and we just HAD to order a few.

Vintage Bee is a three-generation family-run business based in North Carolina and have been selling their creamed honey since 1985. Their creamed honey is unpasteurized, raw and currently available in twelve fruits and spices.

In the lab, we have Cinnamon and Pumpkin Spice. I chatted with a few Stitchers about why they love Vintage Bee and what office delicacies they whip up in the Stitch-en (Stitch Kitchen). As Vintage Bee writes on their website, ‘There really is no wrong way to spread the honey!’

First, meet graphic designer, Unez; email marketing strategist, Mallory; master stitcher, Brandon (Bran); and director of data science, Bridge.


Clockwise from top left: Bran, Mallory, Unez, and Bridge. 

Let’s get real, we’re all pre-existing honey fans here, right?
Bridge: There are people who don’t like honey?!
Mallory: I <3 honey.
Bran: I looooooove Honey. I prefer it to sugar in most things.

Phew, that’s a relief. Where was the first place you heard about Vintage Bee?
I heard about them when it miraculously appeared in our coffee and tea section at work.
Unez: Me too.
Bran: Same here, someone mentioned that we had a honey company as a new customer.
Mallory: There’s been a constant buzz in the office since we received our first order.

It’s head-to-head time. Pick your favorite flavor: Cinnamon or Pumpkin Spice.
Unez, Bridge, Bran (in unison):
Pumpkin Spice!
Mallory: I’ve fallen totally in love with the Cinnamon Honey.

What are you cooking with your favorite flavor in the Stitch-en, chefs?
Unez: Creamed Honey with milk and green tea.
Bridge: Two of my favorite combinations are, Earl Grey Tea and Pumpkin Spice; or Frozen Banana and Almond Butter and Pumpkin Spice Drizzle.
Bran: My favorite Sunday morning meal is just variations on coffee and bread. I plan on trying a double cappuccino and fresh baguette smeared with butter and pumpkin spice honey.
Mallory: I found that pairing honey with crackers and some chilled rose are the perfect late night snack.

Um, all of those sound amazing. What flavor(s) do you want to try next?
Mmmmm… Chocolate and Lemon!
Bran: I’d have to go with Spiced Apple.
Mallory: I would love to try to White Chocolate Almond creamed honey.

Head over to Vintage Bee’s website if you want to get in on the creamed honey action!


Courtney Rogin

Courtney is Stitch's social media manager and is your go-to for all things #trending. When she's not speaking fluent emoji, you can find her in the nearest thrift store, searching for the best bowl of ramen, or exploring her adopted San Francisco home.

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