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Stitch Shopped: Eric & Choke Shirt Co.


Eric showing off his Choke Shirt Co. ‘Snorkeling’ shirt in The Mission in San Francisco.

We’re kicking off a brand new series, Stitch Shopped, which celebrates various Stitch employees and their favorite Stitch customers. Working with so many amazing retailers naturally leads to a lot of shopping! (We just can’t help it.) But don’t worry, we’re not secretive with our favorite brands; we love to share! And thus, “Stitch Shopped” was born.

Our first post features Eric from our sales team and his favorite Stitch customer, apparel company Choke Shirt Co.

Describe Choke Shirt Co. and what initially drew you to them.

“Choke Shirt Co. is a Seattle-based apparel company that makes visually intriguing, high quality items.  Their amazingly cool, super soft, well fitting t-shirts are what drew me to them.”

Why did you choose Choke Shirt Co. as one of your Stitch favorites?

“I have three requirements when buying new shirts: a creative and intriguing print, super comfortable, and it fits well. Choke fits all of these with their amazing shirts, AND they are from my hometown of Seattle!”

What products do you own and where do you like to show them off?

“I own the Snorkeler shirt, and have already chosen my next purchase – the Seattle Navy Tank (suns out, guns out!).  I like to show off my shirt on public transit heading into work, and around the office here at Stitch Labs.  I even bought a pair of socks that perfectly match!”

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Courtney Rogin

Courtney is Stitch's social media manager and is your go-to for all things #trending. When she's not speaking fluent emoji, you can find her in the nearest thrift store, searching for the best bowl of ramen, or exploring her adopted San Francisco home.

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