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Stitch Shopped: Courtney & Farm Fresh Clothing Co.


We’re back with another Stitch Shopped, which celebrates various Stitch employees and their favorite Stitch customers. Working with so many amazing retailers naturally leads to a lot of shopping! (We just can’t help it.) But don’t worry, we’re not secretive with our favorite brands; we love to share!

Farm Fresh has been a customer of ours for over two years now, and we’ve been a fan of their products for a long time. If you want to know how Farm Fresh’s Matthew Morgan used Stitch to grow his business from $600,000 in annual revenue to $3,000,000 in just one year,head over to Internet Retailer’s feature on Matthew and Stitch.

Finding comfortable, sustainable and stylish shirts can be a challenge, but as Stitch team member, Courtney will tell you, Farm Fresh Clothing Co. simplifies this search.

Describe Farm Fresh Clothing Co. and what initially drew you to them.

I had heard of Farm Fresh first through Stitch and inadvertently purchased two of their shirts from local Bay Area breweries. They produce all their clothing in California with 100% cotton and eco-based inks and work with local companies to produce unique and comfortable designs.

Why did you choose Farm Fresh Clothing Co. as one of your favorites?

Being 5’11”, finding a t-shirt that is long enough and won’t shrink into a child’s tee is a holy grail-level expedition. Farm Fresh turns it into a jaunt to the playground with shirts that fit perfectly. Their shirts are some of the most comfortable tees and tanks I’ve ever worn. I’m also an avid craft beer fan, and the fact I get to combine comfort, fit, and brand rep of my favorite breweries into one makes it a no-brainer.

What products do you own and where do you like to show them off?

I own the Organic T-Shirt from The Rare Barrel, a sour beer company in Berkeley and their tank top from Lagunitas Brewing. I pretty much live in my Rare Barrel shirt, and I wear it to work, and out to bars and restaurants.

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