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Product in Focus: April 2018


Your monthly Stitch Product Update is here!

What’s New

Stitch X is live and the reception has been fantastic! We have heard from so many of our new and existing customers that this latest and greatest version of Stitch has really hit home with them with how well it solves common and serious pain points in their business. If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend that you check it out at www.stitchlabs.com/stitch-x where you will also find an in-depth webinar discussing all the cool new abilities and value that X delivers. As always we have some more big things in the works and will be announcing them soon.

Here are the latest product updates and bugfixes.

New Features

  • Your account menu (accessed by clicking your profile icon in the bottom-left corner) now shows you who you’re logged in as and what version of Stitch you’re using. If you haven’t checked out Stitch X yet, definitely give it a look.
  • Want to reorder variants by size or other attributes? Now you can!
  • Transfer order user permissions are now separate from purchase order permissions. If your teammates need access to one but not the other, this update’s for you.
  • Got an old Stitch warehouse (stock location) cluttering up your account? You can now archive warehouses.


  • For customers on Stitch X, the Forcibly Released status has been relabeled as Manually Released. The old labeling was unclear and suggested something was wrong.
  • For customers on Stitch X, deleting a Stitch fulfillment wasn’t canceling the corresponding order in ShipStation. Now it does.
  • Column header names on the Inventory CSV were outdated. Now they match the corresponding fields inside the app.
  • On Stitch X, you can now manually adjust stock for FBA warehouses and move stock out of them via a transfer order. Also, if a listing changes from FBA to FBM, stock will no longer automatically reconcile to 0.


  • Supplier Association CSV downloads and uploads were failing for accounts with a large combination of variants and warehouses. We rebuilt the upload process to support much larger files. This is available to a small subset of customers and will be available to all within a few weeks. To skip the line, contact our Support team.
  • When adding variant sort order to the Variants page, we accidentally broke Low-Stock filters. Now they’re back in action.
  • While improving search on new transfer orders, we broke search on old transfer orders. Now they both work as expected.
  • We unintentionally replaced the Awaiting quantity with the Inbound quantity (a stock measure for new transfer orders, coming soon to Stitch X). The Awaiting quantities now display where they should.
  • In a small number of accounts, returns weren’t consistently adding units back to stock when that option was selected. Now they are!
  • Purchase order line items weren’t exporting to CSV. Fixed!
  • Editing PO line item quantities wouldn’t update aggregate awaiting quantities. Fixed!

*As always you can see any of our customer-facing product updates, bug fixes and enhancements at https://stitch.releasenotes.io/

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