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Stitch Data Report: Why Multichannel Selling is a Win for Retailers


Setting up and managing new sales channels can be a challenge for retailers. But despite its intimidating facade, moving from single channel selling to multichannel selling is one of the best ways to increase sales and expand your brand.

Throughout the past few months, our data team has researched retailers who sell through only one channel and compared them to those who sell through multiple channels. Think one shopping cart solution, like Shopify or BigCommerce, versus selling through a shopping cart and through a marketplace, such as Amazon or eBay.

Today, we released a report showing that small to medium-sized retailers who sell through multiple channels see a significant increase in revenue over single channel sellers.

Here are some of the most interesting data points we pulled from the research:


On average, shopping cart customers who also have a single marketplace make 38% more revenue than those with no marketplaces. Those who have two marketplaces make 120% more revenue.
Retailers who sell on two marketplaces see 190% more in revenue than those who only sell only on a single marketplace.
Shopping carts do 18% fewer orders than their marketplace counterparts, however they tend to make 129% more revenue per order.

Additional insight:

  • On average, retailers who sell on two channels have double the revenue of retailers that sell on only a single channel.
  • Customers selling on Amazon have more average orders than any other channel – shopping cart or marketplace.
  • Retailers who sell only on Amazon have more than 4x as many orders as retailers who sell through either eBay or a shopping cart.

The data shows that although retailers may be hesitant to add a marketplace because of increase in fees and complexities, the extra exposure from Amazon and eBay networks actually generates more revenue, especially if Amazon is the marketplace of choice. As an added bonus, using a shopping cart in conjunction with Amazon could lead to even larger profit gains.

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Breena Fain

Breena Fain is the director of content and communications at Stitch. Bouncing between creative storytelling and visual communication, Breena helps the marketing team develop engaging content that helps retailers understand the value of inventory management. In her spare time she enjoys reading about organizational psychology, creative writing and enjoying all the wine California has to offer.

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