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This is a post collaboration I wrote with our success team members – Jenny and Con (see above!). This duo is responsible for getting new Stitch customers setup successfully. Aside from being quite the conversationalists, Jenny and Con are Stitch wizards who know the ins and outs of Stitch and how to make it work for your business.

Implementing a new system can be a nerve-racking feat! We know how important your inventory and operations is to the success of your business, and that’s why we’re here to help.

We’re all about success here, and when you sign up for Stitch, we go into action, making sure you’re set up for success! This includes everything from live chat support to a one-on-one phone call with our product consultant.

But we’re not all about fluff over here – we really do believe that the more complex a business is, the bigger the commitment we all need to make to get things setup correctly. You didn’t start a business because it was going to be easy – you did it because you’re gritty, dedicated and believe in what you’re doing. Well, that’s how we feel about Stitch! And that’s why we do what we can to create documents, guides and offer set up consultations. We’re all in this together, right?

After talking with all kinds of customers and businesses, we’ve put together a list of things you can do on your own (or with our help) to see how Stitch can simplify your business:


1. Utilize the Checklist!
Ah, the checklist. We’ve seen a few customers sneak by and click-through to 100% without actually completely it. (You know who you are!) Hey – we’re not judging, but just know it’s harder when you skip it. It’s there for a reason!

The checklist shares best practices for your success, and we’ve based this on our most successful retail customers. Not just those who are successful with Stitch, but those who are successful at running their businesses! If you don’t go through it, then you’re not learning how to use Stitch. And if you’re not learning, then shoot (!), what are we all doing here, right?

2. Connect a Channel
Don’t be afraid! Really. It’s not as scary as you think. You can connect a channel through our integration setup wizard, and you don’t even have to give us full access to controlling your inventory. You can connect to your existing channel without having Stitch actually change any stock or listings.

Why should you connect a channel? Well, first of all, that’s when we really get to show off our skills. But you also get to see the magic of having a central inventory solution. We track your real data and give you a sense of how it’d be to run your store through our application. Again, there’s nothing to fear! We’ll give you a chance to test it out with us before giving us full control.

3. Edit Stock with In-Line Editing
This is a fancy feature that doesn’t get enough love. With our in-line editing, you’ll be able to see all of your SKUs within one page in our application. It’s cool! And more importantly, it gives you greater visibility into your inventory and saves you time. You don’t have to download anything or go into each product. It’s quick and easy – like a savvy, interactive spreadsheet.

4. Update Average Unit Costs
This seems like a simple thing to do, but because your sales channels don’t offer this – it’s important you add them in Stitch! Once you add your average unit costs in Stitch, you’ll have immediate access more detailed reports that show you how profitable your products are. Don’t you want to know?

5. Access the Resources!
For the non-chatters/self-starters, go you! We understand your driven ways, and we’ve built guides and support documents for people just like you. Check out these resources:

  • Getting Started Guide: Alright. Now this is a pretty cool guide. Our product marketer, Kara, put this together and it is so helpful! Even our new employees use it to learn more about why Stitch is so important. Take a look at this guide to get the basics down.

  • Support Documents: Yea, yea. We know support documentation isn’t always fun, but it’s educational and that’s what you need, right? Check out the support documents for more specific questions you have.

  • Live Chat: Getting tired of reading? When you sign up for a free trial with Stitch, we offer you free live chat during your trial period. Come talk to us already!

BONUS: Sign up for a trial and schedule a call with a product consultant

Haven’t tried Stitch yet? Look at you – preparing ahead of time and doing your research! We like you already.

If you’re interested in simplifying your business and accessing our award-winning inventory solution (that’s right – award winning!), sign up for a free trial and setup a call with one of our product consultants. They’ll ensure if Stitch is the best fit for you and help answer any questions you may have.


Breena Fain

Breena Fain is the director of content and communications at Stitch. Bouncing between creative storytelling and visual communication, Breena helps the marketing team develop engaging content that helps retailers understand the value of inventory management. In her spare time she enjoys reading about organizational psychology, creative writing and enjoying all the wine California has to offer.

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