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Product Year In Review: How Stitch Helped Retailers Thrive in 2015


As 2015 winds down, it’s time to take stock (pun intended) of all we’ve accomplished. In doing so, we might even help you discover important new features and capabilities you may have missed throughout the year!

Here are all the latest ways Stitch has helped customers streamline their retail operations and grow their businesses in 2015!

Added Integrations with Key eCommerce Solutions

We started 2015 off with a bang by expanding our integrations to include eCommerce platforms WooCommerce and Magento, as well as Intuit’s top cloud-based accounting software, QuickBooks Online.

While WooCommerce and Magento are helping businesses like yours establish an online presence, we’re helping you easily manage orders, inventory, and shipping across not only these branded sites, but other sales channels like Amazon and eBay.

And our QuickBooks Online integration is helping take the pain out of bookkeeping by removing most of the labor-intensive, manual entry that’s been slowing your productivity. With all your inventory and orders centralized in Stitch, we can automatically send critical accounting data – like invoices, purchase orders, stock adjustments, and COGS – directly into QuickBooks Online. Accounting doesn’t get much easier than that!

Made You the Master of Multichannel Pricing and Returns

If you are struggling to create or implement an effective pricing strategy, Stitch’s Master of Price functionality can help. With Master of Price, you can set product prices in Stitch and easily push them out to each of your sales channels. Having a centralized location for which to manage your multichannel pricing strategies will save you time and improve profit margins.

Processing returns isn’t fun for anyone, but with Stitch it can be a little less painful. Our new Returns functionality lets you quickly add the returned product back into your inventory while keeping a record of it in the return history report, the refund report, and the inventory financial report. With your stock count adjusted and the return accurately tracked, you can go back to focusing on new sales.

Improved Insights to Help You Forecast The Future

When it comes to effectively managing your inventory, being able to predict the future is a huge advantage. Fortunately for Stitch customers, we can take the guesswork out of data analysis and statistical modeling.

Our in-house data team has built a sophisticated forecasting algorithm that incorporates the unique attributes of small to mid-sized retailers by analyzing 45 million sales transactions from our customer base. Using this Sales Forecasting Report, you can project the mean number of sales for each variant over the upcoming 4 or 12 week period, receiving a range in which that variant is expected to sell.

You can also use our new Product Tag Drill Down Report to easily filter your sales by product tags to find trends across product groupings. And maximize sales opportunities by using the Variant Listings Associations Report to see everywhere that you are currently listing a variant (as well as what your Master of Stock settings are).

If you’re having trouble pulling the exact reports you need, we now offer Custom Reporting for an additional $20 per month. Popular Custom Reports includes breakdowns of variant sales by order tags, order history by warehouse, and sales by payment type. If you’re interested in having a Custom Report generated for your account, please email support+reports@stitchlabs.com with a description of your Custom Report and a list of Column Headers to be included in your report.

Accelerated Amazon Selling

We made selling on Amazon easier than ever in 2015! From Amazon Price and Fee Reports to Amazon Publishing and FBA Inbound Shipments, our customers have all the tools they need to increase profits and streamline fulfilment with Amazon.

Our Amazon Competitive Price Report allows you to optimize pricing against competing products in an effort to win the Buy Box, which will help you attract more customers and ultimately increase sales.

To help you calculate the true cost of doing business with Amazon, our Amazon Fee Report simplifies Amazon’s Settlements Report by grouping the 200+ transaction fee types into understandable categories such as Storage Fees, Shipping Fees, or Subscription Fees. Now you can easily gain deeper insights into the average price, cost, and profit for each product you sell through Amazon.

Keeping your inventory fresh on Amazon is now as simple as pressing a button! With our Amazon Publishing functionality, you can push products directly from Stitch to your Amazon store. This is particularly great for new sellers just getting started on Amazon – you can add a full product catalog directly from Stitch in minutes!

If your business is really taking off, you might be using or considering Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). If that’s the case, Stitch is able to help you streamline fulfillment for all your sales channels by setting FBA as your default channel warehouse and automatically routing all your orders there for fulfillment. And with the new automated stock transfer for FBA Inbound Shipments, you can instantly create packing slips and shipping labels to send to Amazon-specified warehouses – even keeping a record in Stitch of what’s been shipped and received.

Streamlined Multi-Warehousing and Drop Shipping

Speaking of handling fulfillment, we understand that as your business grows, so do your warehousing and fulfillment challenges. To help you meet these challenges and scale your operations, we’ve added Warehouse Low Stock, Order Routing, Drop Shipping, and Barcoding capabilities to Stitch.

Using Warehouse Low Stock Reports, you’ll get a snapshot of all the items that are running low within a particular warehouse, so you always know the exact amount available and whether you have additional inventory en-route to the warehouse.

It’s great to have multiple warehouses, but not so great if you can’t use all those warehouses to fulfill orders across all your channels. By Order Routing with overflow warehouses in Stitch, you can assign a series of warehouses Stitch can attempt to fulfill orders from. For example,  if your warehouse in California is out of the order item, we’ll automatically check your Texas warehouse to fill the sale.

Drop shipping can be confusing, but Stitch can simplify the process so that your orders get to your drop shippers quickly and easily. When an order comes into Stitch containing a drop shipped item, it’s automatically flagged, allowing you to easily create a packing slip to fulfill the order.


And to make your warehouse operations even more efficient, we’ve added new Barcode Generation capabilities (currently in beta). Now you can create barcode labels for your products or FBA shipments and immediately print off labels for new products as they are received.

It’s been said you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. If that’s the case, 2016 is looking very bright for Stitch!

Join our January 8th webinar for a broader overview of all these 2015 product feature updates and a peak into what’s coming up in 2016!

Kara Egan

Kara Egan is the Director of Product Marketing at Stitch Labs. She is passionate about bringing innovative technology solutions to market as both a marketer and investor with experience at Zendesk, Backupify and .406 Ventures. Kara earned a BS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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