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Product in Focus: September 2016


At Stitch, we’re always working on new functionality for our customers, but we also care deeply about the functionality they use today: making it faster, more intuitive, and rock-solid from top to bottom. Our recent work includes a healthy mix of new and improved. A couple highlights:

Lightspeed Retail Integration (Private Beta): Lightspeed provides point of sale and eCommerce solutions for retailers, and is especially popular among multi-location brick-and-mortar businesses. Earlier this year they launched Lightspeed eCom; we’ll integrate with that part of their platform, too.

We’re particularly excited about how this integration will help businesses with multiple brick-and-mortar locations. Sellers can purchase, transfer, and count stock in Stitch—where they have visibility into their entire commerce operation—then push stock specific to each Lightspeed Retail shop. Sales from each shop map to a corresponding warehouse in Stitch, giving you full insight into where your goods are and how they’re selling.

This integration is in private beta and will be available only to customers on a current Business plan or above.


Help Center Redesign: If you’re reading this post, you probably like finding information on your own. We want our Help Center to be a go-to resource for you and your team, with articles that are easy to find, easy to read, and full of useful, actionable information. In addition to articles, we’re adding more videos and webinars. We hope they’ll save you time and get rid of question marks!

We’ve got several features just around the corner and we’re excited to share them in the next Feature Friday webinar on 10/7. Please register today! In the meantime, bookmark the Stitch Changelog (updated every Friday) and feel free to say hello via email.

Dan Duett

Dan is a product manager focused on customer development, content strategy, and UX. Outside of Stitch, he enjoys running, reading, and podcasts.

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