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Product in Focus: November


The holidays are upon us and will hopefully be our most merry profitable of all! To that end, we have some features that help simplify your processes, reports to maximize selling opportunities, and backend improvements to keep everything running smoothly for you on those peak days!

New Feature Friday Webinars
Our new Feature Webinar Series is off to a strong start. Thanks to all who have attended!  It has been a great opportunity for me and Mike to share some of the new functionality that our team has been hard at work building, as well as learn what additional questions or needs you have. If you missed last month’s you can find the recording and an overview of the top 5 reports we covered in this blog.

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Barcode Beta: Generate Barcodes on Variants and POs
Now you can create barcode labels for your products or FBA shipments from either variant or purchase order views.  Now, when you receive a purchase order you can immediately print off labels for all your new products. There is also a growing variety of layouts to choose from. Check out the beginning of last month’s webinar to see this in action!

New Reports to Help Around The Holidays

  • Keep the shelves stocked with the Warehouse Low Stock report
    Use this report to get a snapshot of all the items that are running low within a warehouse. The report will highlight the amount you have available, exactly how many you are running low by, and whether you have additional inventory en-route to the warehouse on either a purchase order. Now you can make to maximize sales and fulfill orders on time!
  • Derive new insights from your sales with the Product Tag Drill Down Report
    Easily filter your sales by your product tags to identify ways to optimize your business, with information about total sales, profit, and order volume. Use this report to find trends across your product groupings. For example, if you tagged products by brand, you can uncover which brands drive the most sales and profits to either create a promotional campaign, expand your product line or even engage in better bulk order discounts.
  • Maximize sales opportunities with the Variant Listings Associations Report
    This report will help you see everywhere that you are currently listing a variant, as well as what your Master of Stock settings are. The holidays are a great time to make sure that you are maximizing your sales, this means selling everywhere as well as ensuring that stock availability is accurate across your channels.

Getting all set-up for the Holiday rush

We know the holidays are critical times for your business, so we’ve been busy on some of the less flashy sides of the app ensuring that everything is running quickly and smoothly to handle this increased order volume! We’re also adding additional support coverage on key shopping days.

Kara Egan

Kara Egan is the Director of Product Marketing at Stitch Labs. She is passionate about bringing innovative technology solutions to market as both a marketer and investor with experience at Zendesk, Backupify and .406 Ventures. Kara earned a BS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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