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Product in Focus: August 2016


At Stitch Labs, we’re always busy adding new functionality as well as enhancing existing features. During our monthly Feature Webinar on September 2 (typically held the first Friday of the month), we’ll demo new functions, answer your questions, and show you how to use these new additions in your organization. Don’t want wait to access the latest news and updates from Stitch? Subscribe to our New Feature & Update Log to get immediate updates whenever we add new features or improve Stitch.

New Features

  • Purchase Orders, Redesigned: You can now create purchase orders in a draft status, making it easier to use Stitch for inventory planning. When you submit a PO to your supplier, you’ll move the status from Draft to Open, which will yield more accurate data for awaiting quantities and reports like the Supplier Scorecard. This new status is especially useful for larger teams, who can use it to approve purchases and more accurately communicate awaiting units across their organization.
    If you submit POs with dozens or even hundreds of line items, we’ve got you covered: purchase orders now support up to 10,000 line items, auto-saving your work each time you add a line item. Use the new full-screen “focus” mode to add and receive line items without any distractions, or better yet, use the auto-fill function to add items in just a few clicks.
  • Order Import CSV: Use the Order Import CSV to bulk-add orders from channels not integrated with Stitch, making it easier than ever to manage all your sales from a single platform. To get started, go to Orders > Actions > Import Orders CSV.


  • Speed and Performance Improvements: Pages now load a tad faster and the app should be more stable, to boot!

Dan Duett

Dan is a product manager focused on customer development, content strategy, and UX. Outside of Stitch, he enjoys running, reading, and podcasts.

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