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Product in Focus: November 2016


This was a record-breaking Black Friday for eCommerce and we hope it was a big win for you, too. During the holiday shopping season, we focus on performance and stability, but we also made a few small changes that help you improve operations during this busy time of year.

In-App Sales Velocity

To prepare for the next shopping rush, Business plans and above can now view sales velocity from the Variants page:

Customers in this group can also view sales velocity while creating and editing purchase orders:

In-App Help

Access help articles, chat, email, and phone all from one place—without leaving Stitch:

Improved Fulfillment API

If your integrated 3PL offers can assemble bundles to order, Stitch can now send them bundled orders via our API.

Before creating a fulfillment order for the API, Stitch will check component availability in the 3PL warehouse. If components are available for fulfillment, Stitch will create a fulfillment order for that bundle.

Upcoming Webinars

Join us for our feature webinar this Friday, December 2. We’ll cover highlights from 2016, giving you a look at the top features you might have missed (purchasing, stock control, and order management). Register here!

Want more webinars? Pre-register for upcoming webinars on purchasing, barcoding, product management, and more.

To stay current on all that’s new in Stitch, please bookmark our release notes (updated weekly).

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