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Product in Focus: July 2017


At Stitch, we’re always making improvements, squashing bugs, and releasing new features. These changes sometimes benefit a particular integration (SPS EDI document sync), business model (wholesale selling), or plan level (inventory planning for enterprise plans). Last month, we focused on core functionality that benefits everyone. Here’s a high-level overview:

Integration Setup and Maintenance

Managing inventory and orders from Stitch requires a healthy link with each integrated sales channel. This just got easier thanks to updated Integrations pages.

If a channel disconnects from Stitch, we now send you an in-app notification and mark the Integrations icon with a red badge. Clicking into Integrations now takes you to a less distracting Channels page. If a channel requires attention, you’ll see it at the top of the page. If you need to link products on your channel to inventory in Stitch, we have a new wizard that helps you do it in bulk:


We removed distracting and misleading info from the Channel Listings page, making room for more helpful info like Amazon ASIN, SPS trading partner details, and import date—all found in a sidebar that’s there when you need it and hideable when you don’t. The page now loads about 20% faster, too:


We hope these changes help you stay on top of your integrations and work swiftly through any maintenance work. If you have ideas on how we can make the Integrations page even better, let us know!

Bulk Import via CSV

For all that web software has done to replace the CSV spreadsheet, this 45-year-old file format still has its uses—especially when it comes to adding or updating records in bulk.

Previously, uploading into Stitch via CSV could feel like a leap of faith: you’d save your work, upload the file, and cross your fingers hoping that everything was formatted properly. If you uploaded the wrong file format or arranged data incorrectly, you’d wait several minutes for the upload to fail or (even worse) upload bad data.

Ron Livingston, David Herman And Ajay Naidu Take Their Ultimate Revenge On Their Dreaded Nemesis, The Office Fax Machine In A Scene Of Twentieth Century Fox New Release "Office Space".  (Photo By Getty Images)

CSVs are almost as old as the modern fax machine

Our new importer prevents a lot of small mistakes (uploading the wrong format, missing columns, modified headers) and shows you a preview of your first upload:


In the coming months, we’ll add new fields to the Add Products CSV. Stay tuned!

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