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Product in Focus: August 2017


Here at Stitch Labs we are constantly growing and working to better ourselves, and, like any business, our work is never done. To this point, we are continuing to add new functionality and improvements to our existing features. Want to make sure you don’t miss the latest news and updates from Stitch? Subscribe to our New Feature & Update Log to get immediate updates whenever we add new features or improve Stitch.

Bug Fixes

We are constantly working to improve our platform so that we can make your life easier and help you do your job better. Below are some of the most recent bug fixes we have pushed out to the Stitch platform—bugs caught and squashed.

Amazon Pending Orders Fixed

  • Stitch was prematurely packing pending Amazon orders, which lack a shipping address while in the pending state. This has been fixed, but the fix must be applied on a per-account basis. If you sell on Amazon and use auto-packing, please contact Support to get the update.

SPS EDI Carrier Information Fixed

  • Orders importing from SPS EDI were missing carrier information (ship method). This should import properly now.

2017 Year End Reports Fixed

  • Accounts with a custom fiscal year and already in FY18 weren’t seeing year-end 2017 reports. Now they can!

WooCommerce Shipping Detail Fixed

  • When sending shipping details to WooCommerce, Stitch was updating order status before sending the tracking number, prompting Woo to send a confirmation email without tracking details. Stitch now sends the tracking number first so that it’s included in the confirmation email.

3PL Master of Stack

  • Fixed a bug where listings linked from a 3PL weren’t getting set to 3PL is Master of Stock.


We have a few new updates to the Stitch platform this month. These include new and improved features and functionality.

Improved Link Listings Functionality

  • The Link Listings page now includes hyperlinks to both the listing on your channel and the linked variant in Stitch, helping you ensure that you’re linking the right products together. Now, when you exit the Link Listings page, you will be taken back to whatever page you were on before, resulting in a smoother linking experience.

Added Safeguards for Etsy Order Imports

  • When importing order from Etsy, Stitch now has additional safeguards to ensure that orders don’t get missed between syncs.

Faster Manual Linking of Channel Listings

  • When you manually link channel listings, Stitch now defaults to your channel-level Master of Stock setting. If Stitch is Master of Stock for your channel, this saves you two clicks for each listing you link.

We Want Your Feedback

We made lots of other small tweaks to the Integrations tab. What would help you work smarter and faster? Let us know via the in-app Submit Feedback button.

Weekly Release Notes

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