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New in Stitch: Drop Shipping


Whether you’re currently using drop shipping in your business, thinking about exploring the option, or clueless about what it is, read on. With the new functionality in Stitch, using drop shipping just became a lot easier.

First things first, what is drop shipping?

There’s no reason to be shy with this one. It is a term that is thrown around quite a bit, but still causes a lot of confusion. Drop shipping is the process of using a third-party supplier as the drop shipper for your products. This drop shipper is responsible for carrying the inventory and sending it directly to your customers.

The customer will make the purchase directly from your shop, but the order is processed such that the drop shipper is informed about the items on the order that they need to fulfill and send directly to your customer.

The major benefits of using a drop shipper include, starting your retail business or expanding your product lines while removing a lot of the inventory risk and operational overhead. Our integration partner, Shopify created an awesome Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping, which covers why, when and how to use drop shippers.

However, a challenge that arises as your business grows is, it can be quite time consuming to parse your orders and send those individual item orders over to your drop shippers.

Drop shipping with Stitch

That’s where Stitch steps in. We simplify this process so that your orders get to your drop shippers (Suppliers in Stitch) with just a few clicks! You can keep your customers happy and you and your employees sane with a much more efficient process.

Now, when an order comes into Stitch that has drop shipped items, they are automatically flagged, this way you can focus only on the ones that need your attention.Drop_Ship-Orders


From there, you can automatically create as many packing slips required to fulfill the order. In our example, your customer purchases a fedora, a cowboy hat and a baseball cap.  You don’t carry the inventory, instead you use three different drop shippers.  When you create these packing slips for each item, Stitch will automatically create a Purchase Order for Drop Shipper 1, Drop Shipper 2, and Drop Shipper 3 with the item they are to pack and ship to the address of your customer. All you have to do is hit send, and you have picked, packed & shipped for all your drop shipped items. To get started, check out the  step-by-step instructions on how to drop ship with Stitch.

So whether you are already drop shipping, considering it, or are NOW giving it some serious thought, Stitch will make it easy for you to expand your business with drop shipping.

Kara Egan

Kara Egan is the Director of Product Marketing at Stitch Labs. She is passionate about bringing innovative technology solutions to market as both a marketer and investor with experience at Zendesk, Backupify and .406 Ventures. Kara earned a BS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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