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Most Common Inventory Setups for Retailers: Part 3


Inventory management is no simple feat. Depending on your business goals, you may implement an entirely different system compared to your colleagues. We all want to know what our fellow retailers are doing to organize and automate their businesses, but this knowledge is often under lock-and-key.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

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This week, we have Stone River Jewelry.

Stone River is a new and fast growing brand that specializes in minimalistic jewelry pieces ranging from necklaces and earrings, to head pieces. They use Stitch to manage their retail, wholesale and trunk show sales. They leverage five main features from Stitch alongside their Shopify and Square integrations.

Publish Listings: Stone River uses Square for their trunk shows and are easily able to publish their retail inventory from Stitch directly to Square using our Publish Listings Tool.

Bundling: Using Stitch’s bundling feature, Stone River is able to easily create special-edition jewelry sets during the holiday seasons. When the holiday period passes, they archive the bundles until the next season.

Sales Forecasting: Prior to joining Stitch, Stone River was using a special service to create forecasting reports for them. Now they are able to use Stitch’s new forecasting report to quickly and accurately determine the number of units they must replenish from their suppliers.

Purchase Orders: Because of the high order volume, the company regularly places purchase orders with their trusted suppliers. To speed things up, they set up supplier/variant relationships in Stitch and use the PO autofill function to quickly create and receive their inventory.

Pricing Tiers: The company has two Shopify stores, one for their retail sales and the other for wholesale. Their wholesale store is password-protected, so only authorized customers can shop the wholesale prices. They are able to control the inventory quantities across both channels through Stitch and their orders come in at different pricing tiers.

And that concludes our three-part series diving into the world of inventory setups. Curious about what our latest features are? Be sure to follow along on this thread

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