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Why Modern Apparel Brands Choose Stitch + Shopify


In today’s consumer choice economy, customers want the ability to shop how, where, and when they want and have their purchase(s) delivered with similar speed, flexibility, and accuracy. In order to provide that seamless customer experience, it’s crucial for retailers to have an operational backend that not only supports customer demand but also exceeds expectations—because there’s always somewhere else to shop.

Today’s modern retailers want nimble, scalable solutions that can quickly adjust to meet demand. The difference between a speedy, accurate delivery and a customer placing an order only to see that the item is out of stock, (or, worse, they receive the wrong item), is a reliable operations technology stack.

At Stitch Labs, we’re constantly working to make our inventory and order management system trustworthy, fast, and accurate. One of the ways we do this is to partner and integrate with best-in-breed solutions like Shopify and Shopify Plus.

How it Works

With online store and point of sale functionalities, Shopify is an eCommerce platform for growing retailers that are focused on their brand and customer experience. Because these retailers are so customer-focused, they want to be everywhere consumers are—and that’s where Stitch comes in.

For retailers selling into marketplaces or through wholesale and/or brick-and-mortar stores in addition to their Shopify site, Stitch allows brands to ensure stock levels and pricing are correct and up-to-date at all times, across all channels. This real-time functionality creates the accuracy high-volume retailers need to ensure they have the right information in the right place at the right time.

Once retailers have a trusted solution like Shopify in place to handle their direct-to-consumer business, many want to explore new opportunities for growth. With the click of a button (literally), Stitch allows retailers to add new sales channels and provides the reliable data they need to see how they’re selling on each.

Wholesale Expansion

Another huge opportunity Stitch provides for Shopify Plus retailers looking to scale their operations is expansion into wholesale through our SPS Commerce and NuORDER integrations.

Stitch manages inventory and orders for brand-owned retail stores and integrates with EDI providers and B2B wholesale platforms to help online brands sell wholesale into big-box stores and boutique retailers, keeping inventory and orders in sync and ready to satisfy customer demands. When Shopify retailers implement Stitch, they gain access to our integration with NuORDER; enabling a streamlined process for boutique retailers to purchase products at a wholesale rate.

With your wholesale, eCommerce, brick-and-mortar, and marketplace orders all tracked through Stitch, you can easily search and monitor order status in a single view, ensuring shipping deadlines are met. This visibility means that, on average, retailers see a 39 percent increase in order management efficiency with Stitch.

Trusted by High-Growth Brands & Retailers

Brands like Red Bull, Goop, Beast Mode Apparel, and Parachute Home all trust Stitch and Shopify to handle their high order volumes. How they leverage the integration, however, can vary based on each retailer’s unique workflow.

Many brands, like NOBULL, which sells athletic apparel, use the integration in an “out of the box” way, even when they’re getting ready for busy seasons or big promotional events. In talking about how they prepared for Black Friday, NOBULL said, “On our front end, Shopify Plus, FreshDesk, and HubSpot all work together to provide our customers with a seamless experience that doesn’t feel like they’re being shuttled amongst various platforms. On our backend, Stitch Labs really is the foundation of operations when it comes to inventory management, placing purchase orders with suppliers, and communicating with our 3PL. It sounds complex, and it’s evolved over time, but our technology stack keeps things running smoothly so we can focus on creating products our customers love.”

For other brands, the value comes from the flexibility provided by a custom add-on, feature, or integration created using Stitch or Shopify’s API. Chubbies, a lifestyle shorts brand out of San Francisco, used Stitch’s API to solve complex problems unique to their workflow.

Chubbies’ customer loyalty program, which sends customers an add-on gift for purchases 1-8, is built onto the API, which enables their fulfillment team to swap gifts in and out easily. James Hargett, a fulfillment contractor at Chubbies, said, “If we want to change a gift in a loyalty tier round, I can do that in 5-10 minutes. Previously, that would have taken two days.”

Modern, scalable technologies like Stitch and Shopify make it easy for brands and retailers to innovate, move quickly, and scale efficiently. The face of retail is evolving, and modern brands and retailers need to keep up. The Stitch Labs and Shopify (Plus) integration provides high-growth retailers with the flexibility they need to give consumers the experience they’re expecting, and one that will turn them from one-time customers into loyal brand advocates.

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