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Meet the Founder: Electric Yoga


Known for its fashion-forward, brightly-colored athleisure wear, Electric Yoga is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible experience in fitness and lifestyle apparel. The brand experienced a bumpy road to success, but with the dedication and business savvy of creative director and CEO, Stephanie Bohbot, it’s expanded into a successful brand with a growing team. When they decided to make the move from strictly wholesale to a strategy that includes eCommerce, Electric Yoga approached Stitch Labs in search of a streamlined, multichannel inventory management solution. We sat down with Stephanie to talk about the tough road to success and exciting future plans for Electric Yoga.


Stephanie Bohbot, CEO, Electric Yoga

Tell us about how Electric Yoga got started.

My mom created activewear 25 years ago. She was an avid yogi but back then, fitness was not at all “in.” She founded two brands, Bisou Bisou and XOXO, so has a ton of experience in the fashion industry but wanted a brand that tailored to her needs as a yogi. She designed a few fitness-forward pieces like a bag where the straps don’t fall off the shoulder and a jacket that becomes a bracelet for running. She had 30 employees and was selling into well-known wholesalers like Equinox but the buys for athletic wear were really small. For example, a yoga store would buy 8-12 pieces. She had neither the time nor the energy to continue to give Electric Yoga what it needed to be successful. 

So, where did you come in?

She basically asked me to close the brand out for her for a small salary. I sold seven styles into TJMaxx for $40k and asked her if I could use it for my designs in an attempt to keep the brand afloat and she said yes. She was hoping I’d make designs she would like. I then made my own designs and started selling. I sold more than the other salespeople did in my first month upon releasing new styles by myself (with the help of a shipper). I kept building my designs and was able to pay her back in full for the money she lost in building the brand.

Where do you find inspiration for the brand?

I live in Los Angeles where there’s inspiration on every corner. I’m frequently seeking creativity across the world and always find colors, spices, sunsets, and even attitudes which contribute to my designs.

What are some milestones you’re proud of?

After making EY profitable, I partnered with both Badgley Mischka Sport and launched Blend in Zen, which is activewear for under $30. I’m also doing private label for other people. We now have over 15 employees on our team and are growing. 


From the Badgley Mischka Sport collection


Blend in Zen

What’s up next for Electric Yoga?

We’ll continue following the latest trends and going with what’s hot. Right now, that’s athleisure but in a few years, it might be jeans and a cool jacket, not leggings. Nothing is fashionable forever.

To learn more about Electric Yoga and shop their products, visit their website.

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