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Manage Inventory in Bulk – Feature Update!



Previously, we introduced the way to bulk update inventory quantity via CSV. Now, you can bulk update stock, low stock alert, costs, weight. With the latest update, you can bulk update even more information. This saves sellers tons of time. Instead of having to update information one by one from within the app, customers are now able to mass update many products at one time through one spreadsheet. Please be sure you understand the definitions of inventory in Stitch as you begin to edit your inventory using this function.

To utilize this mass update feature, navigate to the Inventory area. Click More Actions > Export Product CSV. Then, you can start saving yourself some time and mass edit the following:


This is the number of Total Stock for this product. You can reconcile inventory by just typing a new quantity into this field. When you re-upload the CSV into Stitch, the Total Stock for the product will reflect the new number you entered.


Low Stock Alert

This number indicates the lowest the stock quantity can go before you get an alert warning you to make / order more.



This is probably the best part of our new feature. Previously, the average unit cost was calculated for you in Stitch based on the cost you entered when adding stock. Prior to this update, average unit cost wasn’t a number you could easily change if you entered an incorrect value. Now, you are able to update the field in the CSV very quickly. This is the total value that one unit of inventory costs to manufacture and will be needed in order to determine your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and profit accurately.

*Be Aware* When you update this field, it will update your average unit cost for ALL instances of the product for the current fiscal year, including inventory that was added in the past. The cost you enter will be set to that dollar amount for all reporting purposes and will become the beginning cost for all average cost calculations going forward. You can use the normal “Add Stock” feature going forward, should you want Stitch to calculate your average cost for you, as costs change (which would recalculate your average unit cost), but you have to wait until the next calendar day to receive stock via the “add stock” tab after you reconcile via CSV upload.



Stitch defaults to weight in pounds as it’s standard for shipping. Anything you enter here will need to be in terms of pounds. Should you sell in ounces, you will need to convert your value manually here.


We know from personal experience that managing inventory is a tough job. By continuing to develop features that allow for more bulk actions, we want to give you more time back. Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think of this new feature. Also, let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

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