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Product in Focus: September 2017


Here at Stitch Labs we are constantly growing and working to build the best inventory and order management software out there and, like any business, our work is never done. To this point, we are continuing to add new functionality and improve our existing product features. Want to make sure you don’t miss the latest news and updates from Stitch? Subscribe to our New Feature & Update Log to get immediate updates whenever we add new features or improve Stitch.

Bug Fixes

We are always focused on finding ways to improve. Sometimes it’s little changes and sometimes it’s major impacts to our workflows. No matter what, we strive to make improvement a core focus and consistent piece of our process. Below are some of the most recent bug fixes we have pushed out to the Stitch platform—bugs caught and squashed.

SPS Commerce Order Import

  • SPS Commerce orders containing an apostrophe in the billing /shipping address weren’t importing to Stitch. Now they are!

Account Owners Can View Invoices

  • Account owners can once again view invoices via Profile Icon > Account & Billing.


It’s been a quiet month for Stitch release notes, but our team has been hard at work behind the scenes. The biggest project currently underway is a change to when units decrement.

Currently, stock goes down when sales orders close. This model is fine as long as orders are ready to close right after being shipped. But for wholesale orders that ship before they are ready to close (or retail orders with split shipments), this model creates discrepancies between what you have on your shelves and what you have “in stock” in Stitch.

In future versions of Stitch, stock will decrement when units ship, rather than when sales orders close. This feature will first be available to new customers. Existing customers should be able to migrate later this year or wait until after the holiday rush. We’ll share more with you via release notes as things develop.

3PL Custom Naming

  • If you have a 3PL integrated with Stitch, admins can now rename the associated warehouse via Settings > Locations > Edit.

Autobuild Is Now Auto Import

  • The setting to automatically import a channel’s products into Stitch inventory is now called Auto Import, rather than the more jargon-y Autobuild. Aside from the name change, it works exactly as before.

We made lots of other small tweaks to the Integrations tab. What would help you work smarter and faster? Let us know via the in-app Submit Feedback button.

Weekly Release Notes

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Something you missed? Here are updates and improvements for August and July.

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