Introducing the Stitch Labs Partner Program and Ecosystem

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Introducing the Stitch Labs Partner Program and Ecosystem


State of Commerce
As high-growth, high-volume retailers become more complex, they’re searching beyond out-of-the-box solutions for technologies customized for their unique workflows. Retailers are tired of using the same bulky, slow, and costly ERP solutions to manage their operations. Their capabilities are severely limited by their ERP’s legacy functionality and they often find themselves spending more time managing their workflows than focusing on what matters most: their customers.

Retailers want to utilize best-in-breed technologies to help them manage each of their specific business functions, but they need these systems to be interoperable. They are piecing together eCommerce applications to build an agile operation that allows them to better scale as their sales grow. Understanding what technologies and solutions are best for a business is a difficult endeavor and, in today’s age where options are endless, most retailers often are unsure of what’s best for their business.

“Retailers want to utilize best-in-breed technologies, but they need these systems to be interoperable.” Retailers want to utilize best-in-breed technologies , but they need these systems to be interoperable.”
Once these systems are pieced together, retailers need help building connections to accurately and reliably send customer, order, and financial data between the various systems. Often times these custom workflows are specifically tailored toward a business’s unique operation. Custom development, from 3PL and sales integrations to specific functionality, is needed to build foundational workflows for modern day commerce and long-term growth. Executing on development is one thing; finding the right resources to do so is a more arduous task.


We recognize how commerce is evolving from out-of-the-box software and large, unspecialized ERP solutions to a cloud-based application marketplace of innovative and customizable solutions. At Stitch Labs, we believe this is the future of commerce and are shaping the way retailers adapt through innovative solutions and partnerships to help them achieve their goals.

Building the Future of Commerce

We’ve spent the past year building new functionality, integrations, and feature sets to better serve high-growth retailers. We’ve also spent time collaborating with partners in the space to understand their goals and the problems they’re solving for similar customers.

Through the relationships we’ve forged over the years, we have cultivated a robust partner ecosystem where retailers are receiving more support than ever. These partners are all focused on the same mission: building scalable commerce technologies for the future. If not for our partners and their teams, we wouldn’t be able to provide retailers with the holistic, consultative experience we strive for in every conversation.

This is why we’ve decided to bring our partners to the forefront and launch a team of integration, alliance, and solutions partners focused on backend operations. We believe in continually adding value to the overall commerce ecosystem and we’re aimed at connecting retailers with the appropriate resources while supporting our partners on backend expertise to better advise their clients.

Our partner ecosystem network allows us to support our customers while sharing best practices for growth. Each of our partners plays a critical role in the overall commerce ecosystem. They all have different ways of helping our customers achieve their goals, whether in building a new functionality, integrating a new technology, or optimizing current workflows.


We have three partner segments we’re focused on building out to better serve our clients:

Integration Partners: Platforms looking to integrate with Stitch Labs to unify customers’ tech stacks through seamless API integrations.

Alliance Partner: Developers, commerce agencies, and accountants who help businesses build outstanding backend retail operations.

Solutions Partners: Complementary commerce solutions leveraging Stitch Labs to reach new audiences and offer innovative inventory management solutions.

The program launches today with top industry leaders and experts, including DBNY, ShopPad, and Bold Commerce among alliance partners, along with Zendesk and Flexport as best-in-breed solutions partners.

We’re also launching a partner ecosystem network for retailers to easily discover development resources and solutions. All of our partners are featured in one place so retailers can research ways to improve their operations.

Help Shape the Future of Commerce

We’re excited to hear from you to learn about ways we can help you reach your goals and collaborate on helping high-growth, high-volume retailers. If you’re interested in joining Stitch Labs’ partner program, please get in touch to discuss further. If you’re a Stitch Labs customer, we encourage you to speak with our team about ways our partners can help your business now and well into the future.

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Charles spearheads Partner Marketing efforts at Stitch Labs. When he's not pondering the evolving eCommerce space, he spends most of his time on the golf course, trail running, or building on his photography skills.

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