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Introducing Stitch X: The Most Powerful Version of Our Best-In-Class Software


The industry’s best inventory management software just got better!

We’re excited to introduce Stitch X: the most powerful version of our best-in-class software. Purpose-built to help high-growth, multi-channel brands improve customer experience and scale efficiently, Stitch X is one of the most advanced and robust integrated inventory management software on the market.

The past year has been a busy year at Stitch Labs. We’ve spent countless hours working side-by-side with our customers and partners to learn first-hand about their biggest operational pain points and blockers to growth. We wanted to dig deep to figure out exactly what these high-growth retail brands like you need to succeed in this ever-so-quickly evolving retail landscape.

As it turns out…you all had a lot to share. Stitch X is the culmination of your wants and needs as a growing brand, aiming to serve as your operational backbone to help you improve customer experience, scale efficiently, confidently grow your business.

Defining Who We Are

For months, we’ve been having great conversations with our customers, partners, and retail industry leaders in search of insight into how retail brands achieve success, and what the biggest blockers to this success are. Through these conversations, it became pretty clear that there was a common trend amongst these growing brands: the need to improve customer experience.

In order to thrive (let alone keep up) in this fast-paced retail landscape where big names like Amazon dominate, retail brands need to compete by building a unique and exceptional customer experience. It’s not just about building awesome products anymore — every touch point with the customer needs to be better, more memorable, and more enjoyable to secure loyal, repeat customers and attract new ones. A big part of this starts at the inventory-level.

Mismanaged inventory leads to more stock-outs, backorders, slow or late shipping, and high-shipping costs, all negatively affecting customer experience.  

So what did that mean for Stitch?

“We realized through our conversations that there was a huge underserved market of high-growth, high-performance brands that need more automation, intelligence, and plug-and-play flexibility from their inventory management solution to unlock their growth potential. Stitch X is that growth multiplier.” said Brandon Levey, Stitch Labs CEO.

We saw this as a unique opportunity for us to solve: build an inventory management system for the fastest growing brands in retail, armed with features and functionality specific designed to tackle scalability, growth, and customer experience.

We wanted this to come through even in our naming of this new version. For us, the ‘X’ in Stitch X carries a lot of meaning; it represents a direction for our company and product, as well as a promise to our customers. As a company, X marks the spot for where we want to be: an inventory management software that solves unique operational problems where growth intersects with complexity. ‘X’ for customers because we aim to be the growth multiplier for brands like you to help you unlock that 2X, 3X, 5X, 10X growth.

Building Stitch X

The launch of Stitch X comes with over 25 new and improved features across the entire inventory management software platform. The most significant improvements and differentiators concentrate in five key areas: scalability, flexibility, fulfillment, automation, and service.

With notable feature additions like Advanced Multi-Warehouse Purchasing, Automated Order Routing and Splitting, a variety of new API integrations for 3PLs, and a massive upgrade to the underlying technology architecture, Stitch X serves as the operational backbone that enables high-growth brands to run complex, powerful merchandising campaigns with complete flexibility, visibility, and control. Click here to learn more about new features. 

While traditional ERPs take months and in some cases years to implement, Stitch X’s true plug-and-play architecture and industry-leading software with service model allows brands to adopt, customize, and become fully operational without long and costly implementations that distract from often aggressive business goals.

Stitch X in the Wild: Customer Story

Peak Design, a high-growth, high-performance brand and an early adopter of Stitch X, shared their experience.

“Stitch Labs did an excellent job of project managing our implementation, providing excellent communication of timelines and requirements. Having that instant communication and access to our Customer Success Manager’s high-level of expertise and support was critical to getting set-up successfully,” said Mark Wang, CTO of Peak Design.

Being a high-growth, multi-channel, luxury camera accessories brand, Peak Design is primarily utilizing Stitch’s platform to achieve centralized inventory and multi-warehouse fulfillment. For them, it is a strategic priority in delivering excellent customer experience to be able to offer their products globally without sacrificing shipping times — even during times of unexpected stock-outs and backorders.

Jen Howell, Director of Customer Success and Logistics at Peak Design commented: “Previous to Stitch, if a customer’s order contained a backordered item, their entire order would not ship until all items were in stock as we had no efficient way of splitting out those backordered items. With Stitch’s automated order splitting, now when a customer places an order, all in stock items ship out right away and back ordered items are held to be shipped once more stock arrives. This allows for customers to receive “in stock” items up to 2 weeks faster than with the old system”.

What’s Next?

One thing to note, and something we at Stitch are excited about is that this is only the beginning of the Stitch X release.

During the course of 2018, we plan to release a variety of additional functionality that will continue to improve the ability for brands to grow through helping them enhance customer experience. These features will drastically cut down time-consuming and costly customer service interactions, as well as improve post-order customer experience.

This is the future we are building towards.

Stitch X is currently in beta and will publicly be available on April 2nd. Learn more here, or request a call here today.

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