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Introducing Retail Therapy


Since 2011, Stitch has been working with fast-growing ecommerce-first brands on managing their inventory and streamlining their operations. Throughout the years, we learned a lot about ourselves, but more importantly, we learned a lot about our customers and how they operate.

There’s a lot we can say here (more on this later), but what we do know without a doubt is…

This sh*t is HARD.
The world of ecommerce is relatively new. There’s no trade secret or a set playbook to follow. With limited resources and no guarantee for success, these emerging brands are relying on hard work, business acumen, and creativity to forge their own paths as they go.

At Stitch, we realized that we’re in a unique position where we have the opportunity to work closely with so many awesome brands. And we’ve heard repeatedly from them that there’s a need for more knowledge sharing within this special community.

So…that’s exactly what we’re offering.


Retail Blue Small

Running a brand is hard. Let’s talk about it.

A little less ‘retail’ and a little more ‘therapy’, this is our way of creating a chance for our community to connect on our shared experiences working at a growing brand.

Starting in 2017 when we first began hosting our quarterly meet-up events, we’ve been bringing ops and brand professionals together for a chance to meet, share challenges and triumphs, and exchange ideas.

Last year, it was one of our community members that described our events as “retail group therapy”, and we just couldn’t help ourselves. What a fitting name for a place where like-minded people come together and talk about their shared goals? Genius.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our monthly newsletter and event series Retail Therapy, and Retail Therapy IRL.

Retail Therapy Newsletter, a monthly email curating tips, stories, and how-to’s from the very best brands delivered right to your inbox every month.
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Retail Therapy IRL, a quarterly meet-up event in SF, NY, and LA for a place to unwind, connect, and share what you’re all working on. Bring your biggest challenges and triumphs, and seek advice from like-minded people who are working toward similar goals.
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Curious about what other characteristics we’ve noticed across our customers?

They are Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs).
Thanks to the internet, the barrier to entry into commerce has lowered significantly. Where before, starting a commerce business meant big start-up overhead costs and low-margin distribution channels, now, the online playing field has a new set of rules: focused products through direct-to-consumer, online channels. Today’s best brands are born online and have a maniacal focus on a specific vertical.

They are trailblazing disruptors.
Holy-moly, we can’t stress this enough. Whatever their vertical, whoever their customers, wherever they sell, they’ve set out to disrupt their industries with amazing products designed for specific people. And they’re rewriting the entire retail playbook to get there.
They move fast.
Compared to their grandfather legacy brands, these lean-teamed innovators move at incredible startup speed. Unlike their predecessor brands, they understand that their time and place in the highly competitive ecommerce landscape isn’t a guarantee. They take advantage of testing, experimentation, and fast iteration to make every day count.
They are killer marketers.
The ‘B’ in DNVB stands for Brand, and that seems to be the key. These brands aren’t just selling products; they’re selling an experience, an emotion, a sense of community through killer branding and unforgettable marketing.

They put customers first.
For many of these brands, it’s not just about bottomline revenue. Every drop of blood, tear, and sweat they put in to serve their customers. It’s not enough to only have a great product. They invest heavily into customer experience from the moment someone hears of their brand, all the way through purchasing, fulfillment, and product usage.

If this sounds like your brand, we’d make a great pair. Contact us to talk to a Stitch consultant to start making magic happen.

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Ellie Kulick

Ellie is an experienced Marketing Communications and Content Specialist based out of San Francisco, CA. Passionate about technology and health, she is constantly looking for new challenges in effective communication and creative content development to help businesses grow and engage with current and prospective customers.

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