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Introducing Barcoding! Because Warehousing Shouldn’t Wear You Down


Ready for life in the warehouse to get a whole lot easier? Good, because barcoding has officially launched! Improve efficiency, ensure accuracy, and increase transparency with Stitch’s barcode feature release.

Print and Scan

Use barcode scanners to immediately capture and transfer information from physical products to your stock within Stitch. Scanning eliminates manual typing – a scan takes the same amount of time as two keystrokes – and reduces human error. In a recent Stitch Labs customer survey, over 75% of respondents said the most frequent root cause of an inventory or fulfillment issue was human error from manual process management. By scanning barcodes you can be confident what is being counted and/or picked is both the right item and is immediately recorded. Further simplify the process by printing barcodes directly from Stitch.

Pick and Pack

The only thing worse than unnecessary shipping costs is losing a customer’s trust – both of which can happen when you accidentally ship the wrong item(s). Using a barcode scanner for your shipping and fulfillment operations ensures you’re picking and packing what the customer ordered – and you’re saving time while doing it. In addition to quickly and efficiently processing orders, your warehouse employees can pick and pack for multiple orders at the same time. When picking items to ship, a picklist is created and the picker can see the required products to select, as well as their locations, right from their mobile tablet. As they scan items using a barcode, the picker can ensure they are selecting the correct item.


While you’ve always had the ability to reconcile stock through Stitch, the stocktake feature enables you to proactively create stocktakes while also keeping a historic record of when and why stock numbers have changed. This added layer of visibility will help you track historical trends as well as hold warehouse staff accountable for misplaced, missing, or damaged inventory. Save time and increase the accuracy of stocktakes by using barcode scanning to ensure items are counted correctly and immediately synced with Stitch. This not only allows warehouse employees to see what “should” be in the box, but also helps them identify items that might have been inaccurately placed in a box. Upon reconciling the stocktake, inventory availability will automatically adjust and changes will be made to the stock log report.

Stitch currently supports most types of barcodes, including those used by Shopify, Square, and ShipStation. We recommend this feature for customers who are already using barcodes, or who are processing 20+ orders/day and would benefit from additional efficiencies.

Feature Friday Webinars

While we host a New Feature Webinar on the first Friday of each month, we’re holding a special mid-month webinar next Friday, March 18, to discuss Amazon International publishing, barcoding, and 3PL (Shipwire) integrations. Join us at 10am PST to learn how to use these new features – we’ll also leave plenty of time for Q&A with our product team.

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