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How to Leverage Top Warehouse Management Software With Stitch’s Leading Inventory Control Solution


If you’re running your own warehouse(s), you need automated technologies to efficiently manage inventory, shipping, and fulfillment. New inventory constantly needs to be received and stored at the same time orders must be quickly and accurately picked, packed, and shipped. Any errors or bottlenecks in this process can halt the productivity of your entire warehouse.

Particularly as you scale, inventory control solutions are needed to automatically track and manage incoming and outgoing stock, while warehouse barcoding and management tools are required to expedite and streamline laborious operational processes.

Stitch Labs inventory management software helps multichannel retailers automate and centralize their  inventory, tracking stock quantities across all their sales channels and warehouses. Now we’re partnering with Scout’s topShelf warehouse management software which provides organization and visibility into your warehouse via smartphone, tablet, or mobile barcode scanners so you can manage products as they’re being received and shipped out. By integrating with topShelf, we’re making it easier for retailers like you to manage and monitor your inventory levels across eCommerce channels and warehouses from Stitch’s centralized platform.

As orders are being picked, packed, and shipped from your warehouse, topShelf ensures the inventory levels in your warehouse are displaying correctly in Stitch. Stitch and topShelf automate your warehouse inventory reconciliation, ensuring accurate numbers for what’s available, committed, and awaiting shipment across your entire operation.

Integration Features:

Syncing: When a product is scanned into a warehouse with a mobile or barcode scanning device, the product’s information is sent over to Stitch. A sync between Stitch and topShelf occurs every 10 minutes and once completed, the updated information is visible in Stitch. topShelf can sync the following items to Stitch: order status updates, warehouse inventory numbers, and purchase order information.

Purchase orders: For purchase orders, Stitch pushes the required information for fulfillment to topShelp. A warehouse manager can either scan in the products or search by criteria for the products to be sorted in the warehouse. Once all items are received and scanned, topShelf pushes the information back to Stitch and inventory levels are updated.

Sales orders: Similar to purchase orders, Stitch pushes the information for sales orders over to topShelf. From the mobile device or barcode scanner, the warehouse manager can pick, pack, and ship the products. Once the order is fulfilled, topShelf pushes the updated information back to Stitch and inventory levels are updated.

This integration brings automation and control over your warehouse and marketplace inventory levels. But you’re probably asking yourself, “If I have Scout’s topShelf, why do I need a solution like Stitch?”

Stitch is your operational layer between all your systems. Stitch is the central inventory control platform to manage listings, purchase orders, sales orders to provide real-time visibility into your inventory levels. Stitch ensures inventory accuracy and efficiency by integrating with your branded eCommerce sites, marketplaces, point of sale (PoS) systems, payment processors, accounting solutions, and warehouse management solutions (like topShelf).

topShelf is your warehouse management solution that provides complete control over your warehouse stock levels. Through mobile and barcode scanning devices, topShelf is able to send warehouse inventory levels to Stitch as stock is decremented from sales and purchase orders. As a result, Stitch serves as your single source of truth for all inventory operations.

Stitch and Scout’s topShelf Integration Benefits:

  • A command center for your business bringing automation and control over your warehouse and sales channel inventory levels
  • Real-time data on updated tracking numbers and lines, as well as inventory and purchase order quantities
  • Mobile access from smartphone apps, handheld barcode scanner, or any internet enabled device
  • Visibility into inventory usage and on-hand balances helping suppliers plan their production while reducing lead times and costs of excess inventory
  • Improved record accuracy allowing you to track, manage, and view real-time inventory levels decreasing the opportunity for errors

To learn more about how Stitch and Scout can help you improve your inventory and warehouse operations, request a free, customized demo with our product experts today.

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