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How to Build a Customer Loyalty Program


There are many ways to approach customer loyalty, and even more forms a loyalty program can take. With over 2.2 million active “chubsters” in our community, loyalty is a huge focus for our entire team.

We knew we wanted to build a customer loyalty program, but before we tackled what it would look like, we had to be sure there was a reason for customers to be loyal to our brand in the first place.

Who were these customers? What do they do? What do they like? What’s important to them?

Our brand was founded by four guys who love the weekend. They were all working traditional jobs while coming to realize they were living for 5:00pm on Friday. They sought to create a brand that celebrated this ideal – the nostalgia of the shorts their dads and uncles wore in weekends past, and the sailing, lounging, and beaching they lived for with their friends.

They created Chubbies to cater to the fun-loving, weekend man and to help him feel confident while rocking the coolest, most comfortable shorts around.

Since Chubbies was founded, we haven’t veered from this customer persona. In order to gain loyal customers, we were loyal to an idea, a manifesto even, and it’s reflected in the content we write, the gifs we post to social media and, most importantly, in the products  we make.

In the beginning, the founders would put  hand-written notes in orders going to their friends. They wanted to connect with our customers and thank them for their loyalty to our brand, but this obviously wasn’t scalable – and that’s where Stitch Labs came in.

With our customer in mind, we created add-on gifts such as branded koozies, tank tops, coasters, and even pogs (from which we learned our loyal customers are not all children of the ‘90s). Using Stitch’s custom API, we created a loyalty program in which a customer receives an add-on for orders 1-8. He might receive a coaster for order #1, a koozie for #2, etc., which was obviously a very cumbersome and rigid project when we first tried to do it manually with our 3PL.

Stitch enabled us to automate this process in a highly efficient, streamlined way. To switch out a gift now takes our fulfillment team 5-10 minutes, whereas it previously took two full days.

Our customers are delighted and surprised to receive add-ons, and social media allows us to see their excitement, as well as gauge when certain add-ons aren’t as popular.

A lot of thought went into our loyalty program, and it continues to evolve over time. One thing is certain: it would not be nearly as robust and agile without Stitch. We’re grateful for the flexibility to keep things interesting and fun for our customers and, most importantly, to thank them for being loyal to our brand.

To learn more about Chubbies’ customer loyalty program and how it works with the Stitch Labs API, check out our case study and webinar.

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