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Thursdays and Fridays Pick Up Sales Volume During the Holiday Season


The biggest shopping weekend is fast approaching. With a surge of sales increasing across all online channels and industries, it’s going to be increasingly important for retailers to get their ducks in a row.

As you prepare their inventory, our data team has been researching various trends that show what small business retailers are seeing so far in the holiday season. (Hint: Stay tuned for our Black Friday weekend results going live next week!)

Today, we launched more insight, comparing week-over-week ecommerce trends, including some interesting insight in how sales-by-day is starting to shift. In this installment, you can find data on the following: 

  • Sales performance across retail industries such as apparel, accessories, sporting goods, and more 
  • What days shoppers spend the most money online
  • The revenue impact of free shipping 
  • How Amazon, eBay and Etsy sales stack up against a retailer’s branded website and more! 


Bridge Mellichamp

Bridge Mellichamp is the Director of Data Science and Special Projects. Numbers excite her more than you can imagine; at the core, she’s driven by helping Stitch and its customers make sense of their data so they can make incredibly smart business decisions.In her free time, she enjoys winning at booking flights, sand in her toes at Ocean Beach, and escapes to Tahoe.

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