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In just three years, Flash Tattoos has grown from an idea hatched in our founder’s living room to a brand followed by nearly half a million Instagram users and championed by global superstar, Beyonce. We’re very lucky in that nearly all of that growth has been organic. While every brand and industry is different, here are a few marketing tactics that worked for Flash Tattoos—and that won’t break the bank.

Use Social Media as an Engagement Tool

While we certainly use social media to inform customers of flash sales, product launches, and new collaborations, we also use it as an engagement tool as well as a way to get in front of new customers. Whether we’re responding to photos or tweets in which we’re mentioned or reposting a customer’s photo where they’re wearing our product, we know our audience grows when others are talking about the brand, so we want to encourage and foster that. Social media is constantly evolving (we’re just getting started on Snapchat!) but it’s invaluable to make sure you’re posting where your customers are, and with photos and news that’s not only relevant to them, but also makes them feel like they’re a part of your brand.


Collaborate With Influencers

Working with influencers in the fashion and lifestyle industries is a mutually beneficial way to get in front of new audiences. We’ve worked with several bloggers and charities to co-design tattoos and then cross-promote them. Since there are other metallic temporary tattoo brands that misappropriate our brand name, we provide our influencers with social media guidelines and tips to ensure our brand is properly identified and both parties are getting the most out of the promotion.


Create a Customer Loyalty Program

While we work hard to get in front of new customers, we’re very grateful for our loyal customers—and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. We created a loyalty program in which customers can accumulate gold stars—basically, points—which they can redeem for discounted prices off future purchases. Customers get stars not only by purchasing product, but also by referring friends, sharing about Flash Tattoos on social media, etc. Especially in an age where consumers are constantly inundated by different brands and products, it’s important to have a system in place to let customers know you value them and appreciate their business.


Be Prepared for Overnight Success

Pop-up shops, flash sales, and celebrity collaborators are very exciting both for our team and our customers, but they can also add a level of uncertainty to our inventory and operations. Our technology stack, specifically the way Stitch Labs integrates with Bigcommerce and Square, is critical to ensuring everything goes smoothly whenever we have a launch, sale, or special event. We store our product in multiple locations so Stitch’s multi-warehousing feature provides visibility into where we have product and when stock is low. We like keeping a lean team and  this wouldn’t be possible without technologies like Stitch.

As with most business considerations, it’s imperative to think of your customer first when it comes to marketing. By posting content that is relevant to our target audience, working with inspiring and interesting collaborators, rewarding loyal customers, and working with scalable technology solutions, we’ve been able to grow Flash Tattoos from a small side project to an accessories powerhouse.

To learn more about Flash Tattoos’ marketing strategies, watch Stitch Labs’ webinar How Flash Tattoos Struck Marketing Gold Without Breaking the Bank. For more strategies for growing your retail business, check out our Ultimate Guide to Scaling Your Retail Business.

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