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Gain Fulfillment Flexibility With Advanced Packing Slip Creation


With customer expectations ever increasing, retailers find themselves continuously iterating on their operational processes in an attempt to meet the evolving needs of their customers. As they grow and scale their operations to meet and exceed customer demand, their fulfillment workflows become more complex. For example, a business might diversify its inventory to multiple warehouse regions in order to save on ancillary costs related to shipping and fulfillment. Recognizing the challenges that ever-changing operational and fulfillment workflows present to growing retailers, Stitch Labs has created new functionality to increase fulfillment flexibility and automation.

With advanced packing slip creation, retailers have the ability to optimize their fulfillment workflows in Stitch for increased margins and an improved customer experience.

When optimizing for shipping costs, if a customer orders two items—one of which is backordered—you can now opt to wait until both items are in stock before both items ship automatically to the customer. Warehouse workers processing orders no longer need to differentiate orders that are ready to fulfill from those awaiting inventory. This streamlined process allows you to save money on shipping costs while not having to worry about manually tracking orders.

While shipping costs are critical to many retailers, others want their fulfillment focus to be on immediate shipping so the customer can get their item as soon as possible. With this automated process, you have the flexibility to split sales orders without relying on a manual process. Now, if a customer orders two items, one of which is available and one of which is out-of-stock, you can choose to ship the available item immediately upon receipt of order. When the second item becomes available, Stitch sees the new, available inventory and enables warehouse workers to see the second part of that order and ship it.

The ability to process preorders works well with our fulfillment partners, like ShipStation, and means that our customers don’t have to worry about the error prone and tedious process of leaving orders open only to search for them once more inventory arrives. Preorders provide an opportunity for retailers to test demand for products as well as build excitement for launches.

With the holidays quickly approaching, you can test the new functionality by creating a pre-sale featuring anticipated hot sellers. With advanced packing slip creation, as soon as these items arrive in your warehouse, a packing slip will be automatically generated. Our backorders capability is also critical for holiday season success, in that if you sell out of something on high-traffic days like Cyber Monday or Black Friday, you can immediately send out backorder communications instead of compromising the sale or customer trust.

At Stitch Labs, we work to provide customers with the flexibility to cater to their unique workflows. Learn more about how we’re enabling this through advanced packing slip creation here.

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Mike Lomboy is a product manager at Stitch Labs.

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