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Stitch Hacks: Quick Search Orders by Product


At Stitch, we’re big fans of productivity and nifty features that make your day just a little bit better, and just a little bit easier. We invest a lot of time and effort into working closely with customers to deliver operations software that’s both productive and delightful.

We also know that there’s a lot you can do in Stitch and it’s hard to know every crevasse and inch of the platform. And sometimes in the sea of functionality there are lesser known features that are absolute gems that make you say “wow, they’ve really thought of it all!”

So, without further ado. Did you know…you can type in a product name, SKU, or variant ID under Orders to quickly look up all orders that contain that item. Check it out:

Quicksearch Ordersbyproduct


Let’s talk details

  1. You can search by product name (like Amelia Top), by SKU, or by product variant ID, so you can see the orders containing exactly what you’re looking for.
    Search By Product
  2. You’ll see that on the left hand side bar, the filters also update to give you a quick view of all “types” of orders that contain this item. It calls attention to orders that you may want to pay attention to, like past due and ship date alert.
    Order Lookup Sidebar
  3. You can also filter with date ranges to get a more granular subset of orders. This is particularly useful if you’re trying to contact a set of customers that ordered a particular item during a specific timeframe for things like getting product feedback, a promotion, product update or information, etc.
    Order Lookup Date Range
  4. Finally, you can export all of this information, including customer contact information and line item descriptions. Whether your marketing team needs it for promotions and communication, or your product team wants to ask for feedback, you can export this data easily to share information with them.
    Order Lookup Export


What customers love about this

Reports are a great way to get a high-level understanding of how your business is doing across a many different factors and metrics in a given time. But, downloading and checking reports daily is cumbersome and not scalable — especially if you want to do it by product or variant.

This quick search by product feature allows you to have a pulse on how things are progressing day to day in real-time at the granularity you need to make better business decisions. Whether you just launched a new product and want to monitor its performance, or you want a quick understanding of which orders need your attention, we give you the ability to access all of that information in-app with just a few clicks to reduce friction and help you be your most productive self.

Love this feature? Tell us about it! Share your story with retailtherapy@stitchlabs.com.

Ellie Kulick

Ellie is an experienced Marketing Communications and Content Specialist based out of San Francisco, CA. Passionate about technology and health, she is constantly looking for new challenges in effective communication and creative content development to help businesses grow and engage with current and prospective customers.

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