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Feature of the Month: Fulfillment Routing & Splitting


Stitch’s ‘Feature of the Month’ is here! In this monthly series, we highlight an operational or logistical challenge one of our customers or prospective customers are facing, and share details into how Stitch’s inventory management software can help to solve these common challenges.

This month’s feature highlight? Fulfillment Routing & Splitting.

A growing brand carrying bags for cameras and photography equipment. They sell mainly direct-to-consumer, and value operational efficiency in all aspects of their business.

Challenge: Fulfillment Routing & Splitting
Automating fulfillment routing and splitting is crucial because it saves time for growing brands. Typically, brands spend an enormous amount of time on manually splitting, routing, and releasing orders to their fulfillment solutions.

The success of a business relies on inventory and its ability to drive repeat customers through accurate and automated order fulfillment. The brand has had trouble in the past with shipping items that are located in different warehouses, and in transporting the product to the customer in a timely fashion. When a customer orders more than one item and the items ordered are located in different warehouses, typically, neither item would be able to ship until the other order was available within that particular warehouse. This proved detrimental to the brand since customers typically want whichever item is in stock to ship immediately, and to receive information via email regarding their shipment as to avoid any confusion.

As they continue to grow, adding warehouses in different locations can prove beneficial, as it allows inventory to be distributed appropriately to each region. However, managing multiple warehouses can be tricky to master. So, having the ability to simplify that workflow through streamlining operations is crucial in successfully tracking the orders being routed from different areas.

Additionally, they have had some issues with customers changing orders once they are placed. It is common for brands to disallow any changes made to an order after it has been placed. Implementing a hold period on any given order can prevent the customer’s frustration in this, and save money for your brand overall. By placing an order on hold, the item is not immediately sent to fulfillment. This will save on shipping charges as the item will not be immediately shipped, which will result in a smaller number of returned items overall. Hold periods are beneficial to the brand as well as it provides time for the e-commerce site to verify payment and in-turn, prevent fraud.

Stitch Solution: Auto-routing and Order Splitting
Stitch is able to handle fulfillments from multiple warehouses, and send items to the customer based upon availability. In simplifying the workflow with multi-warehousing, the brand is able to save time and money through reduced shipping costs, and gain visibility into what inventory they have and where. Visibility into inventory is one of the key components in pushing business forward, especially on the brand’s own terms.

Control over these operational processes empower the brand to make informed decisions so they can provide maximum customer satisfaction. Through Stitch, the brand is able to implement channel-specific fulfillment rules to maximize efficiency, and manage the many orders they receive in one place. Once items are ready to ship, Stitch automatically sends out shipment notifications to customers, and ensures that the fulfilled items are accurately accounted for.

Control of operations and visibility into inventory will prove to be a valuable asset for their growing brand as it directly translates into saved time, fraud protection, and increased customer happiness. We are excited about how much this can improve the life of the brand, and allow the brand to spend less time on costly manual operations, and more time on new and creative ways to further their growth.

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Emma Miller-Crimm

Marketing at Stitch Labs
Emma lives in the Bay Area, and does Content Marketing for Stitch Labs. She believes in providing information brands can use to visualize themselves before they invest in their operations, and loves helping brands in their growth journey. She is especially passionate about sustainable fashion and hopes her content helps brands realize their full potential.

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