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Expand Your Sales With New eBay Publishing Feature


Now you can publish listings directly from Stitch to eBay – just in time to move any excess inventory from the holiday. And if you aren’t already selling on eBay, it’s easier than ever to get up and running! You can automatically populate listings with the product information that you already have in Stitch. Find new customers and sell last season’s items without having to change any of your existing workflows – everything seamlessly runs through Stitch.

What are you waiting for? Adding additional marketplaces to your sales channels can have an immediate and sizable impact on your revenue. We found that by adding one marketplace alongside your eCommerce site, you can increase your revenue by an average of 38%. But add two marketplaces and, on average, you can see a 120% increase in revenue!  2016 is your year and eBay publishing is going to help you reach new levels of success, I can just feel it.

So, how does it work you ask?

  1. Simply set up an account with eBay so you can start selling – it literally takes less than a minute!
  2. Add eBay as a channel within Integrations
  3. Select the Publishing Listing button in Stitch and choose eBay as your channel
  4. Our Publishing tool will auto-populate key fields with information and photos you already have within your product and variant descriptions and then guide you through any global settings and missing fields you need in order to list your products
  5. Hit publish and…voila you are ready to start receiving orders!
  6. Bonus…check out these tips on how to run your post-season holiday promotion using Master of Price.

Publishing listings can also be used on an ongoing basis once you have started selling on eBay. It saves you time by only having to input product information once, then you can push it up to your other channels, including Amazon, Shopify, and Square. This shortens the time from receiving new inventory to selling it. Now you have no excuse not to have your complete product line on all your different channels! If fact, we have a great new report, the variant listings association report,  that helps to highlight where you are selling (as well as the settings on those channels).

Watch this video for quick step-by-step instructions on how to use eBay publishing in Stitch.


You can find the detailed eBay Publishing support documentation here.

Kara Egan

Kara Egan is the Director of Product Marketing at Stitch Labs. She is passionate about bringing innovative technology solutions to market as both a marketer and investor with experience at Zendesk, Backupify and .406 Ventures. Kara earned a BS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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