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Employee Spotlight: Rieve MacEwen


Employee Spotlight Rieve MacEwen

What does a typical day for you look like (if you have one)?

First, I get on the bus to check email, dashboards, and pipeline.  Once I arrive at the office, I either have a team meeting to catch up on team progress and deals, or have a meeting with an Account Executive (AE) to review their progress and their deals. From there, I have more AE meetings, or Management meetings related to priorities, projects, and pipeline. I’m also likely on prospect calls for much of the day, and calls to help recruit AE candidates to join the team.  At some point in the day I try and take a walk to grab lunch, and make a cup of drip coffee in the kitchen! I’ll then take the bus home and work on another project.

What’s one of the most challenging and rewarding projects you’ve worked on while at Stitch?

Crunching data on Wins and Losses to understand how we’re performing with different lead sources, deal sizes, and industry verticals, as well as what product gaps exist. This helps us understand where we can increase conversion and bookings by focusing on gaps in the sales process, sales enablement, product, and product marketing.

How would you describe Stitch in three words?

Bring. Big. Appetite.

What/who inspires you?

First off, my kids. They’re fearless because they’ll talk to people they don’t know, try things they’ve never tried before, and pretty much always try to have fun.  I watch them learn at an incredibly fast rate. Next, my wife for always pursuing her passions with a certain joie de vivre, which I can say the same for our customers. Finally, our team here at Stitch; our ability to collaborate and get along as a team while solving complex problems keeps me very inspired and motivated. That, and our mission to solve a need gets me very excited every day.  

What’s a little-known fact about you?

My larger-than-average behind gives me the ability to sprint pretty fast!

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