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Employee Spotlight: John Burbridge


Employee Spotlight John Burbridge

What does a typical day for you look like (if you have one)?
For starters, I drink a lot of coffee – not just in the morning, but throughout the afternoon as well. My days are usually scheduled from beginning to end. Mornings are filled with team stand-ups and general management of the Engineering Team. My afternoons are sprinkled with one-on-ones with my team. I also spend a great deal of time syncing up with the Product Team and figuring out if we’re on track for the quarter and making appropriate adjustments if not. My days are a good mix between the work I need to get done, planning for iterations, and reacting to fires that sometimes arise. Whenever I get a “break” from meetings, I’ll try to squeeze in some coding but typically that’ll happen after hours once I’ve put my kids to bed.

What’s one of the most challenging and rewarding projects you’ve worked on while at Stitch?
The accomplishment I’m most proud of at Stitch is the culture we’ve built in Engineering. Don’t get me wrong – I love the culture at Stitch at large but I think we’ve nailed something special in Engineering. Every developer understands that engineering excellence is a team sport and puts the collective success of the team above themselves. Engineers are encouraged to stretch their capabilities, try new things and take risks. Of course, mistakes are made but they are acknowledged without blame and the group is empowered to make changes that will actually make a difference. We never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste. The result? The team is more engaged, more productive, and our customers are better served as we continue to soar higher. Succeeding as a team is a powerful and addictive feeling!

How would you describe Stitch in three words?
Vibrant. Ambitious. Charming.

What/who inspires you?
So many things. Broadly speaking, I’m inspired by people who can think outside the box and have a clarity of vision to be able to see reality for what it is, and not get stuck on traditions or cultural norms. People who can cut to the chase and figure out what matters. This is something that inspires me both personally and professionally.

What’s a little-known fact about you?
People are generally surprised when they find out I am Brazilian. Also, my nickname growing up was Barbeque. When I was younger, as classroom sizes increased, everyone started to refer to one another by their last names. Some people couldn’t pronounce Burbridge so they called me Barbeque, and it stuck.

Emma Miller-Crimm

Marketing at Stitch Labs
Emma lives in the Bay Area, and does Content Marketing for Stitch Labs. She believes in providing information brands can use to visualize themselves before they invest in their operations, and loves helping brands in their growth journey. She is especially passionate about sustainable fashion and hopes her content helps brands realize their full potential.

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