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Employee Spotlight: Allegra Mitchell


Employee Spotlight Allegra Mitchell

What does a typical day for you look like (if you have one)?
My typical day actually starts the week prior. I generally have meetings with clients who are at various stages of their implementation. I cross-reference information, put together training documents, and correspond with team members to learn the nuances of Stitch and how our functionalities can support our client’s needs.

One cool thing I can do at Stitch every day is eat breakfast, and I am proud of that. It is the first time in a while I have been able to do so: it allows me to start my day with a goal completed, and set the pace of how the rest of my day will progress. I have a lot of fun doing my job, so it rarely feels like work.

What’s one of the most challenging and rewarding projects you’ve worked on while at Stitch?
I think the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve worked on at Stitch is my own education in regard to our product. I put learning Stitch in parallel with learning about a topic in college. My previous position was also at a software company, and at first I was learning Stitch by comparing how Stitch and my previous company’s product function in parallel. I then realized I needed to wipe all of that out, in order to understand Stitch on its own. The most rewarding aspect of this is when my brain converted into thinking about complex ideas in terms and logic of Stitch. After a few months, I was then able to think outside the box, the triangle, the square…and tie each function and feature inside of Stitch to how it helps our clients.

How would you describe Stitch in three words?
This is two words, but I’ll say it: dynamic creativity. There is so much movement, it’s like a beehive. It moves and breathes. We truly embody the “Labs” portion of our company: it is a globulous collective of sharing and interconnectedness of people and ideas. The energy is infectious, and it’s very existential.

You joined the team fairly recently. What made you decide to work at Stitch?
After I got a tour of the office, the thing that sealed it for me was the fact that the engineering team was close to our sales team, our implementation team, and our product team. I initially saw that as a luxury, but have come to realize it is a necessity. That did it for me, because the engineers have the same context as being consumers of products as our customers do. It’s important for engineers to understand the subtle nuances of what the customer needs: this has a causation effect on product and support alike. Everyone winds up sharing the same contextual knowledge of being a consumer and user of the technology. There’s truly a way of being here. The people I work with are the people who set the pace and the bar for excellence. We are the A-Team! I feel honored to be amongst it.

What/who inspires you?
My parents!  My mother inspires me. She has always set a high bar. She was a banker for 30 years, then became a Middle School teacher, then got her Master’s Degree in education, then started teaching at a University, and is now looking to get her Doctorate. Setting a high bar is something she has always instilled in my sisters and I. I am so proud as her child, to have someone in my life who is such a great human being, and has drive and grit. To be successful, you need to know how to delegate responsibility, and also just get things done on your own. She is an example of all of this.  My Dad gave me my funny, my music and my cooking.

What’s a little-known fact about you?
This is a recent development, but I started playing the harp. I bought one as a part of my journey of self-care, and for getting the position here at Stitch Labs. I love music, Renaissance and Baroque music in particular. The harp was one of the first instruments of the world and it’s wonderful to play. If you were wondering, I named my harp St. George.

Emma Miller-Crimm

Marketing at Stitch Labs
Emma lives in the Bay Area, and does Content Marketing for Stitch Labs. She believes in providing information brands can use to visualize themselves before they invest in their operations, and loves helping brands in their growth journey. She is especially passionate about sustainable fashion and hopes her content helps brands realize their full potential.

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