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Customer Story: Storiarts’ Stitch Chapter


During a rather lean year in 2011, Tori Tissel had the idea to create a scarf with an excerpt from Pride and Prejudice to give as Christmas gifts that year. And from there, the idea of handmade literary wear known as Storiarts was born. Fast forward to 2015, they now staff two more employees and you can find their products in independent bookstores all over the country and even in the prestigious Library of Congress in Washington D.C. Be sure to check out their website to learn more and check out their products.

At first, they sold their products solely on Etsy, but as they grew, co-founders Chris and Tori brainstormed where they wanted to go in terms of  expanding into a new, branded sales channel, which eventually resulted in launching their own Shopify store.

“Stitch became really important after trying to manage both Etsy and Shopify ,” Storiarts co-founder Chris Tissel says, “It was hard to manage inventory when we were increasing the styles of our products.” Storiarts came to Stitch in 2012 once managing their inventory became a confusing and stressful problem.

With Stitch, Storiarts no longer oversells their products. As the Master of Stock, Stitch automatically syncs stock availability across all their sales channels. They no longer have to worry about overselling, and with Stitch’s automation,   they’re also saving time.  By having Stitch at the heart of their inventory operations, Chris and Tori have more time to focus on growing their business.

In addition to saving time and automating inventory management, Stitch also provides Storiarts with extensive reporting capabilities. These reports allow the team to make smarter decisions regarding their products . They are also more strategic and cost-conscious in purchasing by using our sales forecasting report. This sales forecasting report also benefits other businesses just like Storiarts that are expanding their business. You can learn more about our reporting here.

Because of the simplification and automation Stitch has brought to their business, the Storiarts team has more time to focus on other aspects of their operations, such as broadening their reach through marketing. The company has started to incorporate social media in their marketing plan to do just that. “Social is the best place to connect directly with customers and get our product to potential customers,” Chris describes.  Pinterest, in particular, has helped boost their Etsy traffic, while Instagram has provided more eyeballs on their main Shopify store. This drives a whole new realm of potential customers to their site, which just a little effort.

The ability to set aside time for new marketing efforts, like social media, is a large priority for Chris and his team, and one of the biggest reasons they continue to manage their inventory, orders and sales through Stitch.


“By far, Stitch is hugely time saving. It’s really changed my life
in terms of time management.”



Courtney Rogin

Courtney is Stitch's social media manager and is your go-to for all things #trending. When she's not speaking fluent emoji, you can find her in the nearest thrift store, searching for the best bowl of ramen, or exploring her adopted San Francisco home.

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