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An Amazing Year


Thank you. That’s typically how we end emails and letters, but it is also a simple way to communicate right up-front how we feel as we close the book on an unbelievable 2012.

We sincerely appreciate you taking one of the most important things in your life, your business, and trusting us to help you grow it.

This is not something we take lightly, and we are doing everything in our power to grow right along with you.

We want to take a look back, reflect, and share some of the highlights of 2012 (Stitch Labs’ first full year of existence) with you before we springboard into another year of growth and often breakneck-paced day-to-day. Stitch is currently a team of six people. We do everything from design and development to marketing and customer service in-house. It’s hard to express in one simple note how much the team is valued. Please join me in thanking them, as well!


A major benefit to using Stitch is automating some of your most tedious operational activities. Integrated partners help us do just that. In 2012, we integrated and launched eight new partnerships. This brings our total to ten. People continue to ask for more and we are going to keep delivering as quickly and effectively as possible. As technology continues to evolve, the possibilities are endless with what we can achieve. Below is the list of applications/services we added to our partnership list this year:

Major Feature Enhancements

Our goal is to make Stitch perfect. In addition to significant development work needed for integrations, we release product enhancements and design improvements driven by strategic decisions and helpful ideas from Stitch users themselves. As our company mission statement reads: Together we will continue to develop the most intuitive, perfectly designed business solutions on the market.

Stitch Support

We take pride in helping Stitchers get the answers they need in a timely fashion. You may notice if you’ve asked questions or sent feedback that you’ve likely gotten a response from a co-founder or engineer. This is by design. We’ve used the past year to rapidly iterate Stitch and no one is more interested in understanding what works, what doesn’t and how we can improve than the people that started the company. This process has helped us lay the groundwork for many of the most needed feature enhancements in the foreseeable future and beyond. It has also kept the decision makers of the company very connected to what Stitchers want. We know we will need to expand in this area as we grow into the tens-of-thousands of users in 2013 to provide the best possible service. Here are some key points from 2012:

  • Implementation of our new support center for faster Q&A
  • 12,000+ support cases closed
  • 50% of the time we are able to resolve the issue with one response
  • On average, we’re able to resolve the issue within 8 hours of the ticket – including weekends!

Press and Reviews

Technology is changing rapidly. It wasn’t too long ago that an application like Stitch was only available to large companies that could afford to pay tens or even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars for business software. We are solving a real problem that will continue to manifest itself as independent sellers gain additional access to new selling channels. Not only are Stitchers noticing, but the media is interested as well. Who knew that multi-channel inventory and order management would be something that the press would want to write about? Actually, we did! This is really interesting stuff and the story behind Stitch is just as interesting. Below are some of the major press stories from 2012 along with what Stitchers are saying in app stores. Feel free to join the chatter and leave a review of your own. We’d greatly appreciate it.

App store reviews

Wow! I could easily write more, but I know you’re busy getting ready for year-end inventory. Yes, that dreaded time of year when you have to dust off your counting hat. Just in case you missed it, here are some excellent tips we recently posted about year-end inventory.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end of the 2012 review. Go grab yourself a cookie before you start that New Year’s resolution. You deserve it! We can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Stitch on!



Stitch Labs

Stitch Team

This post was written by a Stitch team member. Stitch helps retailers simplify inventory management and multichannel selling. Check out more about Stitch in the links below!

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