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Sync Amazon Inventory with Multiple Channels


Stitch is now fully integrated with Amazon Marketplace and Amazon FBA. Amazon is a major force in the e-commerce world and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

The Facts:

Stitch integration comes at an important time for third-party Amazon sellers. They were a major driver of unit growth in Amazon’s Q3, accounting for an all-time high of 41% of all units sold on Amazon and grew 50% vs. Q3 2011. Amazon had revenues of $13.8B for the quarter. While these are extraordinary figures, Forrester Research states the U.S. e-commerce market is currently estimated at $200 billion and is projected to account for only 9% of total retail by 2016. This is why Stitch Labs’ ability to help sellers sell both online and offline is a major differentiator.

The Details:

  • Initially, this integration is for current and new Stitch users by invite only. It will be completely open to the public in December.
  • Like the other integration partners we work with, Stitch will import products from Amazon and then allow for a two-way sync of inventory quantities.
  • Unlike our other integration partners, Amazon’s information doesn’t move quite as quickly. This is due to the controls Amazon has put in place to throttle their massive volume moving through their systems. Because of this situation, some delays of the information transfer from Stitch to Amazon do take place.
  • Importing initial product catalogs from Amazon to Stitch can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour.
  • When a sale happens on Amazon, the same delay in the aforementioned point can potentially take place.
  • Sales that occur in other integrated channels (e.g. Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.) typically auto-sync to Stitch within minutes. When those inventory quantities decrement from Stitch, the new inventory quantities will be subject to the delays above when posting back to Amazon.


Amazon is now a part of a growing list of integrated partners we are working with. Stop by our new integration page to see what we’re working on and how we can help you grow your business.


This is a huge step for Stitch Labs Inventory Management System and we are so excited to present this additional option to help sellers “Stitch” together all their sales channels. Let us know what you think about this new integration by leaving us a comment below.

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Stitch Team

This post was written by a Stitch team member. Stitch helps retailers simplify inventory management and multichannel selling. Check out more about Stitch in the links below!

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