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Accelerating Innovation With the Stitch Labs API


“Sometimes you take a step back and think of something you never knew could exist, and with Stitch, we’ve been able to build just that.” – James Hargett, Fulfillment Contractor at Chubbies

We’ve opened up the Stitch Labs API to enable our enterprise customers not only to evolve at the speed of commerce innovation, but also to help define it. While most people think about using an API for interoperability between systems, we’ve seen our customers do that and so much more. It is really exciting to work with fast growing and creative brands that are looking to differentiate every area of their businesses – from the unique products they create to the customer experience they deliver, and the continually evolving efficient and coordinated operations that make it all possible.  We’ve even teamed with a talented bunch of developer partners to assist our customers in unlocking the power of our API within their organizations: Bold Commerce, Diff (formerly Ben Crudo), Lumia, Sleeping Giant, and WEBDOGS. Together we can fuel creativity and accelerate the pace of change in commerce.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Chubbies, a San-Francisco based apparel brand popular for its men’s shorts, is a great example of a customer that leveraged the Stitch Labs API to enhance and innovate its customer loyalty program. Chubbies has built an almost cult-following by focusing on their customer experience. With over two million avid fans affectionately termed “chubsters”, it’s clear this commitment has paid off. One way in which they grew repeat business by 70% was through this customer loyalty program, where they pair different, fun “thank you” gifts with each subsequent order that is placed. Chubbies used the Stitch API to fully automate this process, identifying which number purchase it is for any given customer and automatically adding the appropriate gift to the order before sending it to the 3PL for fulfillment. You can learn more through our case study and on-demand webinar.

Unifying Systems

In addition to allowing customers to create custom workflows and processes,  the API  is also able to unify all the solutions in your tech stack. Every business has several solutions that, for better or worse, aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Our API allows you to quickly and easily connect these legacy systems to Stitch, ensuring that accurate data and information is flowing between them. You’ll also stay ahead of the curve with the ability to adopt new technology as it becomes available. You can use Stitch’s API to integrate with most any solution including: ERPs, accounting solutions, CRMs, marketing automation tools, third-party logistics portals, warehouse management systems, and more.

Getting Started

Eager to get started? As part of Stitch’s Enterprise Plan you’ll have access to the API. We’ll issue API keys – managed through 3Scale – for your team to dive in, or we can connect you with a Stitch developer partner to bring your ideas to life. Our inaugural partners include:  Lumia, Webdogs, Sleeping Giant, Bold and Diff. These developers are experts with the Stitch API and they move quickly. Depending on scope, you could have a custom project up and running within two weeks.

Kara Egan

Kara Egan is the Director of Product Marketing at Stitch Labs. She is passionate about bringing innovative technology solutions to market as both a marketer and investor with experience at Zendesk, Backupify and .406 Ventures. Kara earned a BS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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