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60 Creative Ideas for Designing Memorable Holiday Packages


From Black Friday through the new year, you could see up to a 60 percent bump in first-time customers. That’s 60 percent more chance at a lifetime customer, so the holidays are the ideal time to pull out all the stops for memorable eCommerce packaging.

According to a 2016 study by Dotcom Distribution, 40 percent of shoppers said they were more likely to buy from a retailer again if they ordered a package online and it came in a gift-like or premium package. So to help you capture some of those shoppers, we rounded up 60 ideas to help you deliver that premium experience at any volume.

A Pop of Red

Ok, so it doesn’t have to be red, but picking a holiday color for your brand goes a long way. Use it selectively or all over, but stake your claim on a new swatch for your holiday packaging.



Photos via: Page Three Hundred, Lumi.com, Studio MPLSHenrik NygrenCassouki


A sticker or seal is not only a branding opportunity, but it really upgrades the “giftability” factor — especially in gold.



Photos via: BuorxKado DesignSalita BacchiVPL storeSurface and Form

Die cut

Designing a box that’s truly one of a kind is a sure way to deliver a special experience to giftees and a great way to market to gifters. Play with die cuts on your box to discover clever ways to unveil your product.



Photos via: A Practice for Everyday LifeGabriel KleinIan RouseyChen Chen HuAllison Henry Aver

Holiday Themed

You could always add some holiday pizazz to your logo or other branding elements. Add string lights, snowflakes, or just a holiday-themed bit of copy to let customers know that you’re really in the spirit.



Photos via: GlossierBrittany CampbellMelissa Hayashi32 Mars and Jvstin BechardLumi

Printed Paper

Printed tissue and butcher paper were made for the holidays. Use paper to wrap apparel or rigid object inside boxes and seal it with a sticker or a bit of ribbon.



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Drawstring Bags

Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. Custom cotton bags are like a bonus gift and wrapping paper all in one. They’re also great for kits and subscription boxes.



Photos via: Tubby ToddBC BurningsCampsite StudioThe Yellow LoftLumi

Foil Stamp

You just can’t beat the fancy feel of a foil stamp, especially during the holidays. They’re often metallic, but also come in white or black and they definitely take your brand mark up a notch.



Photos via: Parametro StudioStudio Plastac, —, Braeutigam RotermundClare V

Inner Boxes

The holidays are the perfect time to think about inner boxes. Rather than putting your product directly into a box or a mailer, an additional inner box gives your customers the opportunity for easier gifting or shipping it directly to the recipient.



Photos via: Mary Rabun, —, —, Acne StudiosPopsugar

Inside-the-Box Copy

When all of your brand new customers are unboxing their holiday goods, say hello. Use your printed boxes as an opportunity to really speak for your brand and make the best impression.



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These really big stickers can dress up an array of box sizes, blank or printed. They’re perfect for fast, easy customization amidst the holiday crunch time.




Foil isn’t your only option for metallics. Stickers and plastic shipping bags can also get jazzed up with a touch of shine.



Hang Tags

It’s a small thing, but a hang tag with a handwritten note really gives your product a human touch that goes a long way for that holiday special feel.



This post originally appeared on Lumi’s blog. Want to learn more about how Stitch Labs can help you get ready for the holidays? Check out our webinar, Stepping Up Your Retail Operations to Meet Black Friday Demand.


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