Purpose-built inventory management software to help brands improve customer experience and scale efficiently.

About Stitch

Stitch Labs is the leading inventory management system for rapidly growing brands. Purpose built for today’s modern multi-channel retailers, Stitch Labs provides scalability through improved efficiencies that enable sustained growth, while expanding into new channels and products. Stitch Labs also empowers retailers to take control of their operations through enhanced inventory visibility and accuracy, alongside streamlined workflows to meet the most complex and demanding operations. Stitch Labs provides its customers with unrivaled service and support. Stitch Labs is the fastest growing inventory and order management solution on the market with over 26 million orders processed annually and $4.5 billion in annual merchant transactional revenue.

Our Values

Values Icon 0008 Be Your Best Self

Be Your Best Self

The journey to your best self never ends. Have a growth mindset. Communicate with purpose, live with intention, and prioritize wellbeing. Act with courage: seek to learn, change, overcome your fears, take action, and grow.

Values Icon 0007 Work Smart

Work Smart

Focused energy trumps brute force, so always do less, better. Ruthlessly prioritize and say no to what's non-essential.

Values Icon 0006 Check Your Assumptions

Check Your Assumptions

Our world is constantly changing, and our knowledge is never complete. Drop your ego, ask questions, learn through doing, and show empathy for other perspectives.

Values Icon 0005 Build Trust Everyday

Build Trust Every Day

Trusting relationships make us stronger so be open, honest, and let your passion shine. Own your actions, be upfront, accountable, do what you say, and go the extra mile.

Values Icon 0004 Empower One Another

Empower One Another

By creating an environment where people are empowered, we make each other better. Show humility, knowing that good ideas come from everyone and expect the best of everyone.

Values Icon 0003 Win And Lose Together

Win And Lose Together

Our diversity and unique perspectives are part of what makes us great. Set big goals together and know that no one person is stronger than our collective whole.

Values Icon 0002 Love Our Customers2

Love Our Customers

Customers are our lifeblood. Know our customers, do what it takes to understand and solve their problems, and care for them.

Values Icon 0001 Play


Play unlocks our imagination and enables us to creatively approach problems. Smile, celebrate wins, party, high five, hug, dance, and have fun through it all.

Values Icon 0000 Bestow Love

Bestow Love

We value our humanity and embrace authentic relationships. We care, give, and love. Act with integrity, live with honor, respect each other, nurture your community, be a good human, and don't forget to love yourself.

Careers at Stitch Labs

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