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Democratizing commerce and empowering retailers by providing them with resources to improve their businesses as well as their lives.

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About Stitch

Stitch Labs is a commerce operations platform that centralizes inventory, sales, purchasing, and fulfillment to give retailers greater visibility, control, efficiency, and insight across their business. With the power of Stitch’s cloud-based platform, retailers and wholesalers can more easily reduce costs, maximize profitability, and intelligently scale their omnichannel operations to meet customers needs.

We're on a mission to unshackle retailers from legacy systems and antiquated processes that perpetuate inefficiencies and are striving to bridge technology gaps to bring omnichannel inventory and operations into the 21st century.

Our Values

Act With Integrity

The foundation of a great company is a solid moral compass. Be intentional in your actions, strive for virtue, and empathize with your fellow human beings. Quite simply, do what's right.

Grit Have It

Willpower is contagious. Work hard, be your own advocate, and hold yourself accountable. Approach your role with conviction and choose to make every day a success.

Build Trust Everyday

We foster an environment of open communication, collaboration, and transparency. Own your actions, be honest and respectful, and do better every day.

Accelerate As One

Every individual impacts the overall momentum of the company, regardless of our roles. We share in our successes, failures and everything in between.

Love Your Neighbor

We believe in being good people. Allow compassion to drive communication. Respect those around you and live with honor. Basically, don't be a jerk.

Own Your Impact

Take pride in your work and believe in your vision. When you want something to get done, make it happen. And, when in doubt, err on the side of awesome.
Take risks, challenge convention, and keep learning. Extend outside your comfort zone and continue to ask questions. There is no perfect process, but we believe there is always a better way.