Working on something big

For the last year, Stitch has been busy, working side-by-side with our customers, spending hours in warehouses, with merchandisers, accountants, operations teams, and partners.

After all of that time with our customers, we started to hear a pattern of pain points and needs in the market. For brands with consistent growth and continued plans for expansion, there was no software on the market that could handle their volume, scale, and unique workflows reliably.

So we got to work improving and building innovate solutions for your business.

Expand business growth

Simplifying expansion

Simplify your expansion with our streamlined multi-channel, multi-location, and multi-warehouse workflows.

Order management

Superior scalability

Grow confidently knowing that our superior infrastructure can grow with you now and into the future.

Fulfillment & Shipping

Flexible fulfillment capabilities

Build unique fulfillment workflows, powered by advanced routing logic, that can optimize and scale with your business.

Advanced Services

New and expanded services

Gain peace of mind knowing that our expert services are available to provide unrivaled support and consultation across multiple aspects of their business.

Application speed

Faster application speeds

Move faster with our improved in-app speeds. This means quicker navigation, faster reports, better load times, and an average 3X improvement in overall performance speeds.


Advanced automation

Automate otherwise time-consuming tasks and complex processes, so that you can easily expand your operations.

Industry-leading features & functionality

  • Inventory Management

  • Transfer Orders: Multi-Location & Functionality Improved

    Easily allocate inventory across multiple locations; quickly add line items based on customizable stock thresholds, transferring a few, hundreds, or even thousands of line items at a time.

  • Integrations API: Warehouse Stock Transfers New

    Integrate your 3PL to move inventory from one 3PL to another, 3PL to B&M, or vice-versa.

  • Shopify Locations New

    Push and pull stock information from your multiple Shopify locations for accurate control over your inventory at each of your Shopify locations.

  • Variants Table Improved

    At-a-glance view and quick-edit ability of inventory per variant.

  • Order Management

  • Automated Backorder & Pre-Order Management New

    Easily track and manage pre-orders or backorders and automatically release them for fulfillment once required inventory is received in stock.

  • Order Hold Periods: Manual / Automated & Customizable Improved

    Set holding periods; customizable by account, sales channel, or individual fulfillments, on sales orders before they are released for fulfillment.

  • Sales Orders: Filters & Editing Improved

    Filters for orders that are backordered, unfulfillable, on hold, released to a 3PL, or acknowledged by the 3PL, or quickly edit existing orders from any source to add new details or other changes before they are picked up for fulfillment.

  • Logistics & Fulfillment

  • Overflow Routing New

    Route orders automatically to alternate locations when primarily fulfillment locations have insufficient stock.

  • Automatic Order Splitting & Fulfillment Routing New

    Automatically split orders into separate fulfillments that can be  routed to appropriate fulfillment locations based on warehouse priority, routing logic, and real-time inventory availability.

  • International Geo-routing New

    Route orders to fulfillment locations based on geographical location and routing logic using real-time inventory availability, greatly assisting in international expansion and segmenting global shipment zones by 3PL / fulfillment location.

  • Partial Fulfillment with Automated Shipment Notifications New

    Fulfill sales order line items that are in stock including sending automated shipment notifications of partially fulfilled items up through your sales channel to your customer, while holding items that are out of stock for future fulfillment until items are received  back in stock.

  • Bundling: Automated Split Improved

    Automatically break apart bundle components for split or partial fulfillment across one or multiple warehouses.

  • 3PL Integrations: Auto Syncing Improved

    Automated syncing of sales orders, advanced ship notices, and warehouse transfers, including ship notices and receive slips, to third-party fulfillment services.

  • Selective Stock Push New

    Choose which locations push available inventory up to your sales channels

  • Omnichannel Fulfillment New

    Buy-in-store, ship-to-home workflow support. For Shopify sales channel integrations only.

  • Purchasing Management

  • Advanced Purchase Orders New

    Manage multiple ship notices, expected dates and edit costs and units received across thousands of line items.

  • Landed Costs New

    Easily capture fees, discounts and taxes to generate accurate per item costs for COGS, margin, and balance sheet analysis.

  • Integrations API: Purchase Order Advance Ship Notices (ASNs) and Receive Slips New

    Automatically push inbound shipment notices to integrated third-party logistics (3PL) and warehouse (WMS) systems and increment stock against those shipments as new inventory is received.

  • Reporting

  • Inventory Financials - Cost Tracking New

    Balance your books with confidence. Improved workflows encourage your team to enter accurate information. Quickly export key financial metrics including inventory assets, COGS, stock adjustments, and purchases to accounting solutions for balance sheet auditing.

  • Wholesale Sales Rep Management New

    Assign and bulk-assign sales representatives to sales orders for easy tracking and reporting for sales rep performance.

  • Application

  • Stitch App: Faster Application Speed Improved

    Improved infrastructure and design, yielding improved application speed for load times, API calls, and report generation.

  • Services

  • Dedicated Success Managers Improved

    A trusted partner, advocate, and retail operations expert who is dedicated to knowing your business and helping you succeed.

  • On-Site Team Training New

    Whether you come to us or we come to you, our team of experts will make sure that you and your team are set up for success from day one.

  • New Employee Fast Start Training New

    Personal training for any of your new employees that will be primary users in Stitch. This guarantees that they are up and running quickly and your operations never miss a beat.

  • 3PL Integration Service New

    Stitch Labs offers a seamless and easy integration service that will help coordinate, manage, and build integrations to your favorite 3PLs.

  • Accelerator Consulting Services New

    Hands-on, in-depth consulting service that gives you extended manpower to get your high priority tasks done. Whether it’s designing process workflows, overhauling your operations or auditing and cleaning your data - Stitch Labs has you covered.

Gain multichannel inventory visibility and control with Stitch.