Modern operations for modern brands

Stitch redefines operations management for modern brands by empowering your operations team to execute relentlessly and quickly on big ideas.


Brands Trust Stitch


YoY Average Growth for Stitch Brands


Annual Transaction Volume


Average increase in operational efficiency


Gain operational agility

Stitch was purposefully built with the daily workflows of retail brands in mind so your ops team can execute fast and effectively.

Flexible fulfillment solutions that scale

Centralized real-time inventory

Powerful order management and logistics

Streamlined purchasing

Accurate inventory financials

“We switched to Stitch because it was really clear to me that Stitch Labs is a company focused on building a technology that solves contemporary problems for modern brands.”

– Christian Ottobre, Director of Operations | Lurking Class | Read case study

Brooklinen relies on Stitch Labs as a partner in their operations to successfully launch their pop-up store in time for holiday demand.

Pop-up launch in under 4 weeks

Top bedding brand Brooklinen was able to launch their holiday pop-up store in the heart of Soho in under 4 weeks with Stitch.

Successfully planned and launched a pop-up store in time for holiday demand

Translating Brooklinen online experience into a unique store experience

Integrate Shopify POS, ecommerce platform, and warehouse systems for seamless inventory management

Set-up functional workflows for buy in-store, ship-to-home

“I actually, seriously, don’t remember what we did before Stitch.”

– Joanie Lam, Senior Operations Associate at Brooklinen | Read case study

15x increase in single-day order volume capacity–enabling flash sales & popups

Flexibility for today and tomorrow

Best-of-breed systems allow you to create your ideal technology stack fit for your business today and leave room for flexible growth in the future.

Create your ideal technology stack

Gain flexibility and freedom for future growth

Seamless integrations with best-in-class tools

“We’re confident that Stitch will be able to scale with us into these new markets”

Dan Wang Thinx Headshot

– Dan Wang | Former Senior Director of Operations, THINX | Read case study

16 Integrated Sales Channels

11 Integrated Service Partners

27 Integrated 3PL Partners

54 eCommerce Agency Partners

Join our growth community

When you join Stitch, you join a coveted community of the best emerging and established modern brands, a team of experts, and dedicated success managers — all here to help you reach your goals.

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Industry best support and services

Hands-on consultative services

Access to exclusive events and opportunities to meet other brands

“Raana, our CSM acts as another Brooklinen ops team member…she has this unique ability to take all of our ambitions and all of the challenges we are experiencing and interpret them into functional workflows.”

– Julia Babina, Director of Operations | Brooklinen | Read case study


Operations Management Platform

Stitch acts as your operational control center for managing all of your operational processes, ensuring that you have complete insight, control, and flexibility to operate your business as you see fit.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Powerful tools for moving, tracking and controlling your inventory from start to finish.

Order Management

Order Management

Liberate your operations team to handle high order volume, while responding quickly to operational demands.

Order Logistics Routing

Order Logistics & Routing

Direct the flow and routing of your orders to one or multiple warehouses across geographical locations that best fit your goals.

Fulfillment & Shipping

Fulfillment & Shipping

Grow rapidly and with confidence knowing that our fulfillment capabilities can scale with your business.

B2B & Wholesale

B2B & Wholesale

Gain access to or grow your existing wholesale channel with our multiple partners B2B eCommerce, EDI, and wholesale partners.

Reporting & Planning

Reporting & Planning

Gain valuable insights into your business and plan for the future with our 60+ in-depth reports.

Advanced Inventory Management Features

Advanced Features

Enable powerful tools and workflows, like upgraded channel syncing or Stitch Labs APIs.

Advanced Inventory Management Services

Advanced Services

Grow with confidence knowing that our unrivaled services will, from consulting and training to custom development and integration work.