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Reliable and Proven

Stitch Labs has the capabilities and capacity to handle the growing demands and complexities of today’s fastest growing, high-volume brands.


Brands Trust Stitch


YoY Average Growth for Stitch Brands


Annual Transaction Volume


Average increase in operational efficiency


Freedom & Flexibility

Create unique, flexible workflows that empower your team to adapt, respond, and achieve lasting growth

Flexible fulfillment solutions that scale

Sell when, where, and how you want

Respond quickly to opportunities

Liberate your operations through streamlined workflows

Create specialized fulfillment solutions that scale

"We know that we run our business in a pretty unique and ad-hoc way, and all of the other solutions or companies we considered would have required us to change the way we ran our operations to be able to use or fit their solutions. With Stitch, it was clear right from the beginning that you were willing to work with us on creating a unique solution that’s right for our business."

Peak Design Jen Howell

– Jen Howell | Director of Logistics & Customer Success, Peak Design | Read case study

Topo Designs used Stitch Labs to grow with confidence, knowing that our solution is purpose-built to handle the operational demands of their business at scale.
Photo by Collin Hughes

Growth & Scalability

Stitch Labs is built with a unique architecture that allows you to rapidly scale operational workflows and order volume capacity.

Grow confidently knowing that Stitch is built to handle high order volumes across all your channels

Unleash your ability to run flash sales or pop-up shops

Create powerful fulfillment workflows that scale into the future

Extend Stitch deeper into your operations through our extensive partner ecosystem

“By expanding into new channels and opportunities with Stitch, our sales numbers have increased while errors have decreased, providing us with a scalable way to react and grow rapidly.”

Young & Reckless Anjulei Aurelio

– Anjulei Aurello | Business Operations Manager, Young & Reckless | Read case study

15x increase in single-day order volume capacity–enabling flash sales & popups

Multi-Channel & Integrated

Manage and sell inventory efficiently across your multi-channel business.

Unify your operations, from front to back, all in one place

Gain full control over your inventory

Optimize your order management

“Stitch allows us to not think about inventory. We know when and where we're selling products and we know what we have available. Stitch is the brain for knowing where our inventory is.”

Topo Design Mark Hansen

– Mark Hansen | CEO, Topo Designs | Read case study

16 Integrated Sales Channels

11 Integrated Service Partners

14 Integrated 3PL Partners

29 eCommerce Agency Partners

Chubbies uses Stitch Labs to manage inventory and operations both online and in stores.

Control & Visibility

Stitch Labs enables improved visibility by maintaining cross-channel syncing of inventory, accurate reporting, and a transactional approach to processing stock from demand to fulfillment.

Gain operational transparency

Know what you have and where you have it

Forecast sales with increased accuracy

Achieve better cash flows through better planning

“With a better picture of our inventory - what’s heading out and what’s available - we have accurate data for forecasting. Instead of looking at multiple systems and various spreadsheets, you can run a report at the click of a button and it’s super easy to get the data you need to make smart business decisions.”

Chubbies James Hargett

– James Hargett, Chubstomer Service, Chubbies | Read case study

77% of retailers rank inventory planning & visibility the top-needed capability

Efficiency and Automation

Stitch Labs empowers retailers to liberate their time so that they can focus on growing their business while reducing unnecessary costs that can cripple their business.



Reduce and control operational costs

Boost efficiency and capacity for growth

Save time by cutting manual tasks

Streamline workflows for faster, more agile processes

Reduce and control operational costs

“The seamless purchase order (PO) process and the ease of being able to transfer product between warehouses are wonderful features. I also really like the sales report that really lets me see which units are selling the most—that’s helpful when I go and place POs with our factory after looking at the sell-through."

– Matt Bond, Director, Supply Chain Management | HEROCLIP | Read case study


Unified & Streamlined

Stitch Labs acts as your operational control center for managing all of your operational processes, ensuring that you have complete insight, control, and flexibility to operate your business as you see fit.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Powerful tools for moving, tracking and controlling your inventory from start to finish.

Order Management

Order Management

Liberate your operations team to handle high order volume, while responding quickly to operational demands.

Order Logistics Routing

Order Logistics & Routing

Direct the flow and routing of your orders to one or multiple warehouses across geographical locations that best fit your goals.

Fulfillment & Shipping

Fulfillment & Shipping

Grow rapidly and with confidence knowing that our fulfillment capabilities can scale with your business.

B2B & Wholesale

B2B & Wholesale

Gain access to or grow your existing wholesale channel with our multiple partners B2B eCommerce, EDI, and wholesale partners.

Reporting & Planning

Reporting & Planning

Gain valuable insights into your business and plan for the future with our 60+ in-depth reports.

Advanced Inventory Management Features

Advanced Features

Enable powerful tools and workflows, like upgraded channel syncing or Stitch Labs APIs.

Advanced Inventory Management Services

Advanced Services

Grow with confidence knowing that our unrivaled services will, from consulting and training to custom development and integration work.