Why We're Excited About Stitch Labs

By Christiaan Vorkink 
February 21, 2012  True Ventures

It’s our pleasure today to welcome the newest members of the True family into the fold as Stitch Labs announces its seed financing. We think the Stitch team has built software that will meaningfully impact the large group of product-based business owners who are looking for a better way to streamline and integrate aspects of their operations including inventory management, invoicing, order fulfillment, contact management, reporting and analytics.

In less than one short year, the Stitch team has already achieved something pretty special: they have created software that their customers simply love. For all of the utility that a product like Stitch can provide, it’s perhaps even more impressive that the company’s early users have been so resoundingly in support of the product as something that not only makes their businesses run better, but makes their lives better. As we look to support truly exceptional Founders who aspire to create large and sustainable companies by bringing delight to their users, there’s no doubt that Stitch fits the bill.

But none of this would matter were it not for the most compelling part of the story: the team. Put simply, Brandon, Jake, Michelle and Willo are our kind of people. As former Founders and operators of the types of business Stitch today supports, they are intimately familiar with the challenges their peers face in finding the right tools to manage their businesses. The solution isn’t pen and paper. It’s not a spreadsheet. It’s not big enterprise software packages designed for much larger companies. It’s Stitch. The Founders understand these customers well because they have been there themselves. Plus, as is often the case, they came in well recommended to us by members of the True family whom they had already enlisted as advisors. We’re thrilled to have Assistly co-founders Alex Bard and Gary Benitt involved here as they’ll be incredible resources for the Stitch team as the company grows.

Thanks to the Stitch team for allowing us to join them in their journey forward. We’re looking forward to many good things to come and encourage prospective customers to give Stitch a try today and experience the magic firsthand.

Source: http://www.trueventures.com/2012/02/21/why-were-excited-about-stitch-labs/