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Gain visibility across your entire retail and wholesale operations from one location.

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With Stitch, you can:

  • Centralize Multichannel Operations

    Effeciently manage your inventory and gain visibility across all your current sales channels and eCommerce platforms.

  • Automate Inventory Management

    Accurately track inventory quantities, set low stock alerts, monitor order status, and unify data.

  • Make Smarter Purchasing Decisions

    Automatically update stock counts, and make better purchasing decisions with actionable reports.

  • Streamline Shipping and Fulfillment

    Send orders, track fulfillment and monitor delivery status from your warehouse, drop shipping, and 3PL locations.

We began using Stitch, and our company just took off. The sales crew has real-time information about what inventory we can sell immediately and what’s in production on the way from factories.

- Matt Morgan, Farm Fresh Co.