Stitch Saves Swords Retailers 40 Hours per week

Stitch Saves Swords Retailer 40 Hours Per Week, Grows Revenue 15%


Swords of Might is a niche retailer specializing in one-of-a-kind swords and weaponry for the dedicated collector, expert, or bashful experimenter. The company boasts one of the largest selections of Samurai, Medieval and fantasy swords available, offering genuine handcrafted and battle-ready Samurai swords as well as a wide selection of other weapons and armor.

When founder, Jason Moore, started the company in 2002 he ran the business by himself in a small brick-and-mortar store. He was selling a limited selection of swords and knives through a basic POS system, but was interested in expanding his business online. A few years later, he expanded his operation to several different ecommerce channels, experienced a rapid growth in customers, and eventually added employees to help with the workload.

The Challenge

As Moore’s business grew, he found himself managing four separate ecommerce channels. He tested several different order management systems such as Linnworks, Stone Edge, and Brightpearl, but soon realized he needed a true multichannel selling system to centralize his efforts

“I had always dreamed there would be [a solution] that would be efficient, inexpensive and could control many facets of my business,” said Moore.

The Solution

Just when Moore thought he had exhausted his options, he found Stitch Labs in 2012.

“Stitch offered just about everything I wanted,” said Moore. “It automatically brought all of my orders and contacts from four websites together under one beautiful roof.”

Stitch's powerful centralized inventory and multichannel selling selling platform organized all of Moore's sales data in one location while providing him an automated system to manage his business. Moore is also constantly on the move and inds the cloud accessibility of Stitch an essential component to managing and grwoing his business. “I could go on and on about the wonders of Stitch Labs and how it has automated so many things I would be paying people to do manually,” said Moore. “But it would take days to say how many things it can do.”

  • Centralized management of multiple channels
  • Contact, inventory, and sales data accessible from anywhere
  • Beautiful, real-time reports
  • Meaningful data to help make smarter business decisions
  • Organized contact information

The Results

Moore reports that he has been able to save 40 hours per week managing his business and has increased sales by 15% since implementing Stitch’s platform. He also credits Stitch with his ability to view “beautiful reports and meaningful data” that weren’t available with other systems. 

By implementing the Stitch Labs platform at Swords of Might, Moore has been able to streamline his workflow, increase sales, and generate additional opportunities for growth. Moore is planning to hire additional employees and add more sales channels, both of which he says would not be possible without Stitch.

How Swords of Might Sells More with Stitch

The Company

Company: Swords of Might

Opened: 2002

Industry: Collectibles, Martial Arts


"I could go on and on about the wonders of Stitch, but it would take days to say how many things it can do."

Jason Moore, Founder


• Increase Sales and Channels

• Save Time

• Centalize Data

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